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Here's your roundup of our new features LIVE NOW and how to get started using them.

New Features

All the features below are newly released and available now. Woohoo!

In this video, we'll cover all of them and how you can access them.

Sourcing made simple

Paid Feature

Goodbye a million-and-one browser tabs. Hello sourcing direct from Tribepad.

Using Talent Finder, you can search the sources you normally use without ever leaving your Tribepad dashboard.

You get all the results amalgamated into one place and can import CVs straight into your database or against jobs (using one of your existing board credits).

If you’re interested, email your Account Manager to let them know.

Office365 and G-Cal integration for interview scheduling is READY

Paid Feature

Everyone involved with hiring can now sync their Office365 calendar or Google Calendar into Tribepad and set their interview availability, including time slots, maximum interviews per day, and minimum gaps between interviews (☕️🍪).

Interview bookers can then instantly see when everyone’s free, without double-booking or chasing.

Sync your calendar in a click via Account Settings or when you create an interview on Job Create.

Get in touch with your Account Manager who will get it up and running for you asap.

Candidate Custom Fields

Automatic audit trail for candidate custom fields

Free Feature

If you don’t use custom candidate fields, you can skip this one. If you do, we’ve now added automatic tracking if you add, change, update, or remove fields so you can see what you’ve done. And don’t lose important stuff while you’re making edits.



Get jobs approved and start hiring faster

Free Feature

We’ve added a new job approval process covering both requisition approval and job authorisation. 

Create pre-approved requisition and authorisation policies for different jobs, so the right people are automatically looped into your approval process without filling in a separate form and chasing manually. Once approval is confirmed, you’ll get a notification to move forwards with your recruitment process. Less chasing, less waiting, more recruiting. 

    • Workflows for holiday cover – no more delays
    • Action notifications via Tribepad and email
    • Multiple levels of authorisation
    • Customise which info you need for approval

Email your Account Manager to get started approving jobs faster

More intuitive navigation with new Tools menu

Free Feature

The existing Jobs menu inside Tribepad was starting to become a little unwieldy as we added new stuff that wasn’t strictly Jobs-related. We’ve now pulled all the end-to-end components you might need through the hiring process into a dedicated Tools menu. The Jobs menu is for everything Jobs. Because it's permissions based, you'll need to request this update.

New Integrations


Reduce drop off rate and get more applications to your jobs

CV-Library provides a streamlined application process and automatically registers candidates straight into your talent pool. This dramatically reduces the drop off and can provide up to 9X more applications to your roles. Candidate’s contact details, work history & CV are all automatically imported to create a partial application in Tribepad. At the same time, the candidate receives an email with a link to provide answers to the screening questions.



Create an abundance of talent, driven by science.

A unique science-backed framework for predicting human performance in any workplace or environment, turning talent scarcity into talent abundance and powering extraordinary organisational performance.


ReciteMe logo

Create Inclusive Experiences Online

Create an inclusive experience online by providing accessibility and language options to enable everyone to customise your website in a way that works for them. (You can see ReciteMe in action on our website right now – it’s a fantastic tool).



Candidate attraction made easy. Increase candidate applications and reduce your cost per hire.

Get visibility over candidate’s journey from application source to hire, optimise your talent acquisition strategy, deliver more candidates and streamline recruiting automation.



The workforce solution for the NHS.

Electronic Staff Record - The integrated hire to retire workforce management solution developed by the NHS, for the NHS.