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Here's your roundup of this quarter's feature release LIVE NOW and how to get started using them.

Missed the last release? Check out all past releases here.

New Features

All the features below are newly released and available now. Woohoo!

In this video, we'll cover all of them and how you can access them.


Promote jobs on more boards without a subscription

Paid Feature

Use the shiny new Job Booster to promote job adverts on an as-you-need, pay-as-you-go basis from within Tribepad, instead of managing heaps of different subscriptions. It’s ideal for boards that are super handy sometimes, but not handy enough to justify a lengthy contract.

• Promote jobs wherever's useful, from one place
• Save money on subscriptions you don’t need
• Streamline costs and management admin
• Take the hassle out of deciding where to post

Job Booster uses programmatic matching to recommend the right boards and gives you immediate, transparent one-off pricing and time frames.


Get eyes on your contracts before you send them

Free Feature

Create automatic authorisation workflows so the right people review contracts before you send to candidates. Avoid contract errors that damage your brand and increase business risk. 

How four-eyes review works:

• Create a policy for approvals and attach to jobs
• Add fall-back reviewers to avoid hold-ups
• Reviewers get an authorisation request when you generate a contract
• Reviewers either approve or reject (with their reasoning)
• You get an alert in your inbox and Tribepad dash to take the next step
• Candidates get an accurate contract first-time, fast.


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See your candidates’ Onboarding status more easily

Free Feature

We heard you – it can be a pain scrolling through the whole Onboarding screen to check one candidate’s status. Especially when you’re juggling thousands of candidates.

Now you can also see a candidate’s onboarding summary by clicking their profile, so you know instantly what’s happening.

It’s not super exciting but it’ll make life easier.

Stop chasing referees

Free Feature

Set up automatic reminders at any combination of three, five, and seven days when you’ve asked referees for a candidate reference. No more boring chasing, fewer delays.

Get your new starters started faster.

This one's ready to go. You'll see it when you next log in.

Make life easier for your agency partners

Free Feature

We’ve redesigned our agency portal so it matches the usual Tribepad interface (AKA: it’s beautiful and intuitive).

• A better experience for agencies
• Fewer questions and errors
• A more consistent recruitment brand

New Integrations

onfido integration

Digital identity made simple

Create trust at onboarding and beyond with a complete, AI-powered digital identity solution built to help you know your customers online. Automation allows you to acquire new customers and reduce costs while meeting global compliance.