How to Manage Onboarded Users

Learn how to manage users that are completing the onboarding process or have already completed it


Once onboarding has been triggered for a candidate, as a user you are able to review and manage their progress as a whole.


Accessing onboarded users

To do this, go to Onboarding and select Manage Onboarded Users


Here you will see a list on onboarded users on the right hand side. These are candidates for all your active jobs. Some may be part way through their onboarding journey, some will have completed all necessary steps.

On the left hand side are a set of filters. Here you can select to view

  • All candidates (All)
  • Candidates that have completed their workflows (Completed)
  • Any candidates that are pending with workflows (Pending Any)
  • Any outstanding candidate actions (Pending Candidate)
  • Any candidates that  have internal admin actions pending (Pending Admin)
  • Any candidates that have reference requests pending (Pending Referee)

Further down on the left hand side are further filters that can be applied to the onboarded users:

  • Review Status - This details if the candidate's workflows have been reviewed
    - Select from 'Reviewed' or 'Pending Reviewed'




  • Application Status - this details every stage of the recruitment process 
    - Select any stage to see candidates completing workflows at that stage

  • Jobs - this refers to any active jobs 
    - Apply filters to search for a specific job if required

  • Assigned to - this refers to the owner of a job
    - Select to view only jobs that you are the owner of, or specify jobs belonging to a different owner

Reviewing the candidate's workflows

Hovering over the 'Completed', 'Pending' or 'Pending Admin' icons on a candidate, indicates what workflows they have completed or are yet to complete:

On the right hand side are 3 icons - 

- 'Reviewed' - you have reviewed the workflows and are happy with the content

You could use this as a visual aid if you have a long list of candidates to onboard. The thumb icon turns green when the candidate's information has been reviewed

- 'View profile' - this takes you to the candidate's profile

- 'View application' - this takes you to the candidate's application


Click on the candidate's name or anywhere in the section to see further detail on the workflows:

If all workflows have been completed, there will be no further actions to take, apart from marking as 'Reviewed' if you wish.


There are further icons on the right hand side:

- 'Download' - download the full list of the candidate's workflows

- Click the button to show options of what you can download.


- 'Forward User Details' - you can send information on the candidate's workflows to internal colleagues

This is useful if a workflow has indicated uniform size or required IT equipment for example

An email pop-up is shown when selected. You can edit the details of the email if required, and can choose to include

- Candidate workflows

- Admin workflows

- Document contents

- File contents


If there are workflows to complete, you may see (depending on your user permissions), a 'Complete' button on the right hand side:

Upon selecting 'complete', the workflow is reassigned to you and you must complete the workflow on the candidate's behalf. Selecting 'Complete' opens the workflow which looks like this:


On other workflows, you might also see 'Blocking' on the right hand side:

- This indicates that the workflow has been designated 'Blocking' on creation, and must be completed before the candidate is able to continue in the recruitment process. 


Depending on your configuration and user permissions, you may also see on a workflow

- This is only really to be used in exceptional circumstances as this completes all workflows for a candidate, not just a specific one.