Internal Candidates

We offer various triggers for Internal Candidates, this guide will cover these trigger points, and how these control which accounts are marked as an internal account.


  1. Candidate answers ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Currently employed by {Name}’
  2. Registering with an internal email domain 
  3. Being moved to Hired
  4. Manual updates via the Manage Tool
  5. Applying from an internal Tribepad career site 

Candidate answers ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Currently employed by {Name}’

When a candidate registers an account on the ATS, if they are not using an internal email address, the candidate will need to state they are already employed by the company by answering the above question. 

Upon registration candidates are directed to their profile builder, where they will be presented with the question ‘Currently employed by {Name}’, answering Yes to this question and providing the relevant line manager/employee number will set the candidate account status as an Internal job seeker.

This question can be found in the following places:

  • On the profile builder page on registration
  • On the profile builder page on application (only if career history is set on the application journey)
  • On the candidate profile on the careers history page.

Registering with an internal email domain

Within the Manage Tool, you will have the option to set which email domain should be recognised as an internal candidate upon registration. 

Email domains can be set via the general set-up page under the platform configuration menu

Any account registering with an email address using any of the listed email domains will automatically be set as an Internal job seeker.


Note: The question ‘Currently employed by {Name}’ will still be presented to Internal candidates

Being moved to Hired

Any candidate that is moved to the hired stage will have their job seeker status updated to an internal job seeker.

Manual updates via the Manage Tool

Candidate accounts can be manually updated or created via the ATS users module in the Manage Tool, at any time by anyone with access to this module. 

Applications made via a Tribepad Careers Site

If you have a Tribepad careers site, any candidate registering or applying from the Internal careers page will be automatically detected as an Internal candidate. 

The email domain being used to register and apply from here has no impact on the Internal/External status when using this method. 

Top Tips:

Candidates will only follow the application journey based on their internal/external status at the time of starting their application

If Internal vacancies are being advertised anywhere other than the ATS or a Tribepad careers page, we recommend that an internal job seeker account is registered before starting any applications. This will ensure a smooth transition when applying via a third-party site. 

Candidates can change their status at any time via their ATS profile

You have the power to decide which email address should be recognised as internal candidates!