Onboarding components

Learn about the key components of onboarding.


Onboarding is made up of the following required components:

  • An onboarding template
    A template is much like a filing system and it is created to house tasks that need to be completed as part of the onboarding process.  Once created, the template is assigned to a job.

An onboarding template contains:

  • Workflows
    You may create 1 or more workflows and they can be aligned to any stage of the recruitment process.  Workflows are created to house workflow items.
  • Workflow items
    Are generally tasks that need to be completed as part of the onboarding process.  Tasks can be set up as required so that you can be sure certain actions have been carried out prior to the candidate joining your organisation as an employee.
    • Candidate action 
      Reading and acknowledging a policy.
    • Employer action 
      Completing an onboarding checklist.

Planning & preparing content

In advance of creating an onboarding template, you will need to prepare your content so that you can add it to the Onboarding area of the ATS.

Here are some examples of content you may need:

  • Policies
    Think about the policies you will need the candidate to read and acknowledge prior to joining your organisation.  
    • A staff handbook
    • Data Protection 
    • Health & Safety 

        *Polices can be uploaded making the process very efficient.

  • Questionnaires
    Questionnaires can be used to ask the candidate for details about their next of kin or uniform requirements.  They can also be used to assign to the recruiter or hiring manager perhaps you want to make sure all onboarding steps are complete, has an induction been scheduled and IT equipment ordered.
  • Reference Checks
    You can ask a candidate to provide you with an email address for their referee.  Once provided an email will be automatically sent to that referee.
  • Videos
    You could provide a welcome or job-specific video to help engage the candidate prior to joining as an employee.
  • Dategap Templates
    Allows you to ask for education and address history over a specific time period.

Once you have thought about and prepared your content, you are ready to add it to the onboarding area of the ATS.