Onboarding - Download Policies

Find out how to use our Download Policies when transferring data out of the ATS into other platforms

When downloading a workflow package relating to Onboarded candidates, currently it is an ‘all or nothing’ process - either all workflow items are downloaded in the package, or nothing is. 


The new Download Policies allow you to specify which workflow items should be included in a package.

This will allow you to determine which items are required for specific purposes, for example when transferring specific data to an HR system etc. 


Creating a Download Policy

When creating a Download Policy, it can be applied to new Onboarding packages or existing ones.

Go to the Onboarding section of the ATS and select ‘Manage Packages’:


Simply create a package in the usual way using the ‘+’ symbol at the top of the page or select the ‘Edit’ icon on the right-hand side of the screen:


A Download Policy is created at Workflow level. Select ‘Download Settings’ to create one:


Select the ‘+’ symbol or ‘Create New’ to create a policy:


Complete the details of the Download Policy:

- Give your policy a name - this is only shown to Internal users

- Choose what to include in the download - this depends on the type of workflow item that has been completed by the candidate

    • ‘Document contents’ would refer to something like a questionnaire or a reference check
    • ‘File contents’ would refer to something that a candidate may have uploaded, for example proof of qualifications etc. 

- Select the relevant workflow item(s) that should be included in the policy

Once you are happy with your selections, click ‘Save Details’:


The screen will refresh and you will be presented with your Download Policy:


You can create as many Download Policies as you like, and they can be for different purposes. For example: 
    • One set of Workflow items that are required for transfer to an HR system
    • Another set required for the IT team to order IT equipment

Utilising a Download Policy

Once you have created your Download Policy, go to ‘Manage Onboarded Users’ in the ‘Onboarding’ drop-down menu:


Locate and select the relevant candidate you wish to download the workflow items for:


Select the ‘Download’ option in the top right-hand corner:

You will be presented with a pop-out menu:


At the top, you will notice the Download policy(s) that you have previously created:


Select the relevant one to download the information, and it will be downloaded as a zip file:


Opening the Zip file will show you all files that relate to a single Download Policy that has been set up. This includes any file uploads that the candidate may have completed:


Each file can then be opened and downloaded as required. 

Please note - It is only possible to download one candidate at a time within this functionality. 


Important things to know

  • If no policy is created, the user will only see the original download options in the ATS: