Onboarding - Reference Reminders

Find out how to send reminders to your candidate's Referees

Within Tribepad’s Onboarding functionality, you have the ability to create and send a Reference request to a candidate.


The candidate provides details of a referee(s) and the request can then be automatically sent to the referee(s) to be completed.

  • Alternatively, once completed by the candidate, the referees can be reviewed internally and then sent onto the referee(s). 

Typically, this workflow item has not had the functionality to send reminders regarding completion, to anyone other than the candidate themselves.


Now, you can send reminders to the referee named by the candidate, to ensure that a reference request is completed. 


Creating a Reference Request

To create a Reference Request, access the ‘Onboarding menu’

- Select ‘Manage Packages’ 

On the ‘Manage Packages’ page, the user will see the Packages as a default initial view:

  • On the left-hand side, you have several different options
  • Select the ‘Reference checks’ option.


To add a Reference check, select the ‘+’ symbol:


You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

  • Give the Reference request a name - this is an internal name only and will not be displayed to candidates
  • Give it a title - candidates will see this
  • Select ‘Add Request'.


The screen will refresh and you will be presented with another set of options:


Here, you can select the type of Reference request you would like to create:

  • Professional
  • Academic
  • Personal

  • You can also select if you would like the reference request to be ‘Required’ (i.e. Mandatory) and 'Auto Send'
  • 'Auto Send' means that the request will automatically send to the referee once the candidate has provided the relevant details.

Next, select the relevant questionnaire you wish to apply to the reference request, from the drop down list:

Please note - Questionnaires cannot be created at this point - they should be created in the usual way in the ATS, to be able to be added in at this stage.

You can add them via the Questionnaire drop-down option in the 'Tools' menu (or 'Jobs', depending on your configuration) and state that the questionnaire is an 'Onboarding' type:

Or you can create them in the Onboarding section:

- Select 'Onboarding' > 'Manage Packages' > 'Questionnaires'

Next, select if reminders should be sent to the referee once the request has been completed by the candidate:

  • Reminders should be ‘Enabled’ by toggling on the ‘Referee reminder’ (default is toggled off)
  • Reminders can be sent after 3 days, 5 days or 7 days, or all 3 options if required
  • After 7 days, no further reminders will be sent to the referee.


Next, complete the remaining fields in the reference request:

  • You can choose which fields you would like to be included and/or made ‘required’ (mandatory) in the request that is sent out to referees

Please note - not all fields will be able to be edited - this depends on the type of reference that has been selected at the top of the screen.


To complete a reference request, select ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen:

The screen will refresh and you will be presented with details of the reference request:


If a reminder has been added to the Reference request, you can see that here:


You can have as many different types of reference included with a Reference request.

- To add another, simply click 'Add Request':

Once you are happy with the details  included in the reference request, click ‘Save Details’ at the bottom of the page:


Once saved, the reference request will be saved in the ‘Reference Checks’ section under ‘Manage Packages’ in the Onboarding section:


You are free to add Referee reminders to any new or existing Reference check that you have created

  • To edit an existing Reference request, simply click the 'edit' icon on the right-hand side of the screen:

  • You can then follow the same process as detailed above.