Preparing interview content

Use this guide to help you to plan, create and structure your interview.

Video interview preparation

Before you can create your video interview you will need to think about and prepare the components that you would like to incorporate into your interview.


If you would like to incorporate media into your interview for example, ask  questions via video or perhaps provide a welcome message via video.  You can do this by selecting the Media option and uploading the files that you will later use when creating the video interview.


Pages are entirely optional, however, may contain content to help guide the candidate.  Pages might contain a welcome message, some guidance or even a video.  To create a page template, select the page option from the menu and select Create Page.  Select a template style, give your page a title (internal purposes only) the heading and page content will appear on the right as you type so that you can see what the template will look like.  Select save once complete.

*Candidate instructions on using VI are shown as default at the start of all interviews so you do not need to factor that information into your planning.


You can create a question in written and or video format, using a video to record the question/s being asked is a great way to create a feeling of a face to face interview.

There isn’t a right or wrong number of questions to ask a candidate, only that you will have to set aside the viewing time. If you are using VI as a required part of the application journey, then you may want to consider only a couple of questions with a minimum answer time.   If you are using VI later on in the process, candidates are streamlined (therefore a lot less invites) then you could opt for more questions and longer answer times.

You may also consider & apply the following options;

  • Scoring criteria; allowing you to measure the candidates videos against set criteria of your choice.
  • Recording time limits; usually set to 60 seconds by default.
  • Re-record limits; you could allow 1 or multiple re-record attempts before the interview is submitted by the candidate.


Emails let the candidate know that they have been invited to carry out an interview. 

If you are using the ATS to send your video interviews, you can edit the text contained in the emails via the Manage tool. 

If you are using the VI platform to send your interviews you can create your own email templates.