Scheduling interview slots in advance

In this article you will learn how to schedule interviews via the the Interview Slots page.

Scheduling interviews in advance

  • Interview Slots can be found on the final page of the job creation process once you have published a job.

You can revert to the Interview Slots page at any time by selecting to 'edit' the relevant  job and selecting 'Interview Slots' from the job editor progress bar.

Interview slots 

Freeze Interviews

At the top right-hand side of the screen you may see an option to 'Freeze Interviews'.

This feature helps you to ensure that you are well informed of interview bookings and re-bookings in advance avoiding last minute changes.

If you select the Freeze Interviews button a menu opens.

In the above example '72' has been entered manually, but what does this actually mean from the candidates perspective.

The candidate will not know that there is a restriction on bookings and rebookings however;

  • As a candidate I can only book or rebook an interview if it was longer than 72 hours from taking place.
  • If the interview was due to take place in 72 hours or less I would not be able to book or rebook the interview.

My Calendar

At the top far right-hand side of the screen you will see a button that says 'See My Calendar'.

Selecting this button will take you to a calendar within the ATS;

    • Select 'Events type'.
      To view different events that have been scheduled including interviews.


If interview slots have already been created you can use the filters to see when they are scheduled for and if any candidates are booked in.   

The filters allow you to look at all, past and upcoming interview slots.

The example below shows;

  • Upcoming &
  • Booked interviews.

Adding an interview

At the top you will see 'Interview Address';

    • Move the radio button to the relevant option if you are inviting a candidate to a specific address.  If not, you can leave this section blank.

  • New
    Enter the address where the interview is going to take place, you will need to complete each field.
  • User Default
    Once you have scheduled an interview with an address, the default will become that address.
  • User profile
    If you always interview candidates at the same address, add the address to your own user profile.
  • Job
    This address will be picked up from the address that has been added on the first page of the job creation page.
    • Add the interviewer name and job title.

    • Add the email address of any attendee/s.

Select the check box against the 'Job owner' name if you want them to be notified of the interview once it has been booked.

The drop down list allows you to search for colleagues and/or add external email addresses that may not be present in the list.

To add an email address simply type in the field as per the example below and select enter once complete.

Once you have added your attendee/s you will see an 'Attendees List'.

    • Choose the interview stage from the drop down menu of options.

In the drop down list below there are 5 different types of interview that you can choose from, these are know as 'Interview Workflows'.

The interview workflows that you see when scheduling your own interviews will correlate to your organisations interviewing process.

In this example 'First Face to Face Interview' has been selected.

    • Add the number of interview slots that you would like to create.


I arrange an interview on 31st October from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

I have 3 Hiring Managers that are available to carry out interviews.

I can therefore create 3 interview slots allowing 3 candidates to be interviewed during the 1 hour time frame.

This is just 1 example of where you might want to create more than 1 interview slot.

    • Select 'Create single interview' if you only want to create 1 interview.

    • Select 'Create Bulk Interviews' if you want to create multiple interviews.

Bulk interviews are great if you want to create an assessment centre and interview multiple candidates on the same day.

    • Add a start and end date
      Start and end dates could be just one day or you may be holding interviews across a number of days or even weeks.
    • Add a start and end time
      The time frame you add here could span across a number of hours depending on how many candidates you would like to interview.
    • Add the duration of the interview
      How long would you like to spend interviewing the candidate (e.g 1, 2 hours etc).
    • Exclude these days
      Are your interviews going to take place across a number of days, except for 1 particular day for example.  Select the relevant day of the week here that yo u wish to exclude.
    • Exclude these times
      Much like excluding certain days, you can exclude certain times to allow for a lunch or drink break for example.

Once you are happy with all of your content, select 'Save' to create the interviews.