VI reporting - Live interviews

***Please note - this functionality has been discontinued for new users***

Please note - the Live VI functionality is no longer available as a feature to upgrade to.

If you already have this functionality, you will still be able to use the feature and Tribepad will still support you if you encounter any issues. If you need any support, please reach out to us in the usual way. 

Our standard VI functionality is unaffected and will still operate in the same way. 


The video interviewing software contains a number of different analytics for you to take a look at.

Analytics can be found by first navigating to the VI software, down the left-hand side of the screen you will see a menu of options.

  • At the bottom of the list select 'Analytics'.


Each report allows you to select specific filters and add certain criteria.   The filters on each report will vary and they allow you to refine the information that you would like to produce for example, information about a particular role or question in an interview.

Once you have made your selections, select 'Run', this will create your report which will be shown underneath the filters.  

You can choose to Export the report by selecting the 'Export' button, this action will allow you to open the file in excel for example, you can then save the file locally to your computer.


The live interviews report will produce the following columns of information:

  • Title of interview
    This column provides the name that was added as the title for the interview. when completing the Interview details.
  • Description of interview
    If any notes were added when completing the Interview details, they would appear in this column.
  • Position
    At the moment this column will show as N/A.  This is because live interviews are not currently assigned to a position.
  • Date created
    This column shows the date the live interview was created.
  • Created by name
    This column will appear as blank.
  • Created by user type
    This column will appear as blank.
  • Now interview
    This will show as True or False, true if the schedule now feature was used.
  • Scheduled
    Shows the date and time that the interview is scheduled to start.
  • Ended
    Shows the date and time that the interview ended.
  • Duration
    Shows the interview duration in milliseconds
  • Candidate name and Candidate email
    These columns show the candidate name that was entered during the interview creation and the candidates email address that the invite was sent to.
  • Attendees
    Shows a list of users that are scheduled to attend the interview.
  • Recordings
    Shows how many recordings took place during the interview.
  • Messages
    Shows how many messages were exchanged during the interview.
  • Files shared
    Shows how many files were shared during the interview.

Please take a look at our other articles on video interviewing analytics for further guidance.