VI reporting - Questions and answers

Learn how to run analytics on video interviewing questions and answers.

The video interviewing software contains a number of different analytics for you to take a look at.

Analytics can be found by first navigating to the VI software, down the left-hand side of the screen you will see a menu of options.

  • At the bottom of the list select 'Analytics'. 


Each report allows you to select specific filters and add certain criteria.   The filters on each report will vary and they allow you to refine the information that you would like to produce for example, information about a particular role or question in an interview.

Once you have made your selections, select 'Run', this will create your report which will be shown underneath the filters.  

You can choose to Export the report by selecting the 'Export' button, this action will allow you to open the file in excel for example, you can then save the file locally to your computer.


The questions and answers report will produce the following columns of information:

Only candidates that have answered a question will appear in this report.

  • Position created by
    Shows the name of the user that created the position.
  • Internal candidate ID
    This is the candidates unique ID, you can use this to help you cross reference against other reports.
  • Candidate name
    Shows the name of the candidate that has answered the question.
  • Date invited candidate
    Shows the date and time that the candidate was invited to interview.
  • Internal question ID
    This is a unique ID and it can be used to cross reference against other reports.
  • Question text
    Shows each individual question depending upon your chosen filter criteria.
    If you do not select any filter criteria and choose to export the data, all questions will be listed.
  • Question created by
    Shows the name of the user that created the question.
  • Date candidate answered the question
    Shows the date and time that the candidate completed the question.
  • Candidate score
    Shows the total of all scores given to the candidates answer by users assigned to review the question/interview.
  • Reviewers
    Lists the email addresses of the users that reviewed the candidates answer to the question.

Please take a look at our other articles on VI analytics for further guidance.