Introduction to video interviewing

Learn all about our video interviewing software.

Video interviews are made up of a series of templates and a template is made up of a specific component, for example;

  • Question template:
    Questions are asked in text format, allowing the candidate to respond via video.
  • Media:
    A question is asked via video, creating the feeling of a face to face interview.
  • Page template:
    Allows you to break up the interview, perhaps a page providing an introduction or some guidance.  Media can be added to page templates.

Once you have created an interview it will be added to the position you are recruiting for so that you can invite candidates to complete it (Positions are explained in greater detail further into the guidance.).

The video interview platform contains a set of default templates for you to use or you may  decide to create your own templates from scratch, however, this is a more advanced feature.

Integrated & Stand-Alone explained

The video interview platform can be used on a stand-alone basis or it can be integrated and used with the ATS. 

  • The integrated platform combines the use of the ATS and the VI platform together.  The ATS allows you to navigate to the video interview platform directly to create a video interview.   Once the video interview has been created, you will revert to the ATS to add it to the relevant job so that you can invite candidates to complete it.
  • The stand-alone platform is used in isolation and does not incorporate the use of the ATS at all.  Video interviews are created and sent to candidates directly from the VI platform, you can also process your candidates and communicate with them via email.
User access

Access to VI has to be granted initially by Tribepad and this is once you have agreed to use the platform.   

The agreement process is usually supported by your Tribepad Account Manager and they will discuss user type access and restrictions with you (also included further in this guidance in a bit more detail).

Device and browser requirements:

The video interview platform supports the use of most devices and browsers however, to ensure you and your candidates have the best possible experience we recommend use of the following:

If you are using a desktop:

Safari V11+
MS Edge* (support is dependent on having applicable media drivers installed).

If you are using Android:


If you are using iOS: 


Where not explicitly stated, we support the current version, plus the last version of each browser.