Menu navigation

Learn how to navigate our video interviewing software.

When you login to the VI platform you will be presented with a menu down the left-hand side of your screen.

The menu will allow you to navigate to the entire platform.

You will find an overview of each menu item below.

+Quick Add

The Quick add button allows you to create a video interview using a much quicker process.  You would not need to create any templates if you did not wish to.


The dashboard button provides you with an overview of your account activity, allowing you to see recent data around your active positions.  

  • Active
    The candidate can still complete their interview and it can still be reviewed.
  • Awaiting decision
    All reviews have been completed, the interview can be processed to passed / rejected.
  • Awaiting review
    Candidate has completed the interview, no reviews have been carried out yet.
  • All 
    Shows all candidates in any state.
  • Not started
    The candidate has not yet started their interview.
  • Started
    The interview has been started, but isn't yet complete.
  • Review 
    The interview has been completed by the candidate, reviews have started, but not all reviews have been submitted.
  • Review complete 
    The interview has been reviewed, same as “Awaiting decision”.
  • Outstanding re-records
    Total of all candidates that have been asked to re-record answers that have yet to be completed.


The positions button will contain a library/list of roles that you have previously or are currently recruiting for. The interview that you create will be assigned to the relevant position so that you can invite candidates to carry out the interview.


The candidates button will only contain a list of candidate names that have been invited to a video interview via the VI platform (if being used as stand-alone).



The components menu is made up of Interviews, Questions, Pages and Media.

  • Interviews
    The interview library contains details of every interview template that has been created.  If you select the name of the interview you will navigate to a new screen which allows you to make changes to that interview, such as adding or removing questions.
  • Questions
    The questions library contains a list of individual questions that have been created to add to an interview.  Each question can be used for as many interviews as you would like.  If you select the question name, you will navigate to a screen which allows you to make changes to the question.
  • Pages
    The page library contains a list of individual pages that have been created.  Pages can be used to provide a candidate with information during their video interview.  A page could be created to welcome the candidate and provide some guidance.  The page name can be selected and you will navigate to a screen that will allow you to review the page in more detail and or make changes.
  • Media
    The media library contains any media that has been uploaded to the video interview platform.  Media can be in the form of a video or image.  If you select the name of the media, you will navigate to screen which will allow you to review or update the media.


When using the VI platform on a stand-alone basis;

A recruiter is the main user of the video interviewing platform and may create video interviews and assign them for review by other users.  The recruiter user will need to be created manually within the VI platform by selecting the ‘Recruiter’ option.  The recruiter will need to assign themselves to the candidates video in order to review it.

A hiring manager will have restricted access and will need to be assigned to the video interview in order to review it (watch the videos, score and make comments), the hiring manager will need to have a profile added manually by selecting the Hiring manager's menu item.

A user can also be created when you select to send a video interview for review.



When using VI as an integration with your ATS

Access to the VI platform is driven by the ATS user type and is entirely dependent on whether you want that specific user type to be able to access the VI platform and create video interviews etc.

It could be that you have hiring managers that do not have an ATS account, in this scenario, you could send the video interview to the hiring manager by assigning it to them in the VI platform and creating a hiring manager account (this would not provide access to the ATS & it would only provide access to that specific video).  Perhaps your hiring manager does have access to the ATS and you only want the hiring manager to be able to view video interviews.  

You can discuss user types and access with your Tribepad Account Manager.


Question and page templates can be used to customise and create individual questions and or pages to add to a video interview.  

Templates are great if you are trying to streamline the look and feel of your interviews as they can be used on as many interviews as you would like and if you don’t want to  use the default templates provided.  Creating your own templates is more advanced.

Templates also incorporate invites and emails, which can be created to streamline candidate communications via the stand-alone video interview platform.

Position navigation in more detail

The position library will show you all of the positions you have on the platform, you have filtering on the left-hand side of the page. You can filter positions based on creation/expiry dates, the attached interview, the status of candidates on the position or by the position creator.


create Create Position

If you select this option you will be able to create a position manually and you would only do that if you are using VI as a stand-alone platform (creating a position allows you to add your video and then invite candidates directly from the VI platform, this isn’t necessary if you are using VI as an integration with your ATS.).

If you are using VI as an integration with your ATS, the position is created automatically when you add the interview to a job in the ATS.



The detail shows the status of candidate’s interviews (have they been started or completed etc).


If candidates have been invited to carry out the interview you will be able to see the following options as shown in the image above.

You can select any of these options to start reviewing candidate videos.

      Candidates are filtered into the relevant folder on the left-hand side of the screen depending upon the status of the video interview.

      If there are not any candidates in a particular folder, the folder will not be available to select.

      Each folder that contains candidates will also provide various buttons that allow you to carry out processing actions.



      • Add reviewers
        Allows you to send a video interview to be reviewed (the interview will also need to be assigned).
      • Give more time
        Allows you to extend the date that a candidate must complete their video interview by.
      • Email
        Allows you to email a candidate.
      • Remove, Pass, Withdraw, Reject
        Selecting one of these options will move the candidate to the relevant folder.

      A couple of important points:

      If you are using VI as an integration with your ATS, only candidate scoring translates to the ATS.   

      Any other actions that you take for example, rejecting or withdrawing a candidate whilst in the VI platform, will remain in the VI platform (you would have to reject or withdraw the candidate manually in the ATS too.) 

      All processing actions need to be carried out in the ATS in order to progress a candidate.

      Position - folder navigation


      Selecting the ‘Active’ folder will take you to a list of all candidates that have been invited to that particular interview.                                       

      From here you can review the progress of a candidates interview e.g. is it complete or incomplete, has it expired.


      Not Started and Started

      The progress folders are further broken down so that you can see which candidates haven’t yet started their video interview or vice versa.


      Candidates are automatically moved into this folder when they submit their interview with at least one answer in it or if the video interview reaches it’s expiration time and the candidate has answered one or more of the questions.


      Once a candidate has fully completed their interview and anyone that has been assigned to review it has completed their review, the candidate will automatically appear in this folder.

      It is worth noting at this point that if an interview has been set up with the ‘auto-reject’ feature, their completed video interview will never appear in this folder.  It will automatically appear in the ‘Rejected’ folder (if the candidate has been auto-rejected).  Otherwise the candidate can be reviewed as normal.


      If you select the ‘Pass’ icon - your candidate will be moved to this folder.


      This folder will show the candidates that were had a live video interview.

      Please note - the Live VI functionality is no longer available as a feature to upgrade to.

      If you already have this functionality, you will still be able to use the feature and Tribepad will still support you if you encounter any issues. If you need any support, please reach out to us in the usual way. 

      Our standard VI functionality is unaffected and will still operate in the same way.

      Rejected and Withdrawn

      If you reject or withdraw a candidate, they will appear in one of these folders.


      Will show candidate’s that did not complete their VI by the expiry date.

      To create your own folder you can select the ‘Add folder’ icon and follow the steps.  Your folder will also appear on the left-hand side of the screen once you have created it.


      If you are using the VI platform to send your interviews you can create your own email templates.