Viewing interviews

Learn where to check for scheduled interviews.

There are 3 different ways to check when interviews have been scheduled for.

The Calendar

    • Select 'Jobs' from the top navigation bar.
    • Select 'Calendar'.

You will be presented with this screen.

    • Select 'Events Type'.
In the example below Interviews can be identified with a blue circle.
    • Deselect all check boxes apart from the Interview check box.

This allows you to scroll down the dates on the right-hand side of the screen to gain a view of interviews that have been scheduled.

    • Select the job title to see the candidate details.

The Dashboard

    • Select 'Dashboard' from the top navigation bar.

    • Scroll down the different Widgets to the 'Interview Widget'.

Any scheduled interviews will appear here, you can use the filters to look at interviews for specific jobs.

    • Select the candidate name to navigate to the candidate profile.
    • Select the job title to navigate to the job view.
    • Select the Edit icon to navigate to the interview slots page.

Interview Slots page

    • Select to edit a job.

    • Select 'Interview Slots' from the job editor.

If interviews have been scheduled they will appear here:

Use the filters at the top of the screen to view the relevant interviews:

    • Select the number next to the word 'Booked' to navigate to the candidate and interview details.