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Spring 2022 features release

Here's your roundup of our new features for Spring 2022 and how to get started using them 

Catch up on our Spring Release Webinar

Covering all of the new features and integrations below and how to access them. 

New Features

All the features below are newly released and available now. Woohoo!

Importer for LinkedIn 

Paid Feature

Extend your LinkedIn prowess with our snazzy new LinkedIn Chrome extension... 😎

Save time and avoid manual data entry when you're proactively sourcing new candidates. LinkedIn Importer brings candidate info straight from LinkedIn profiles, either into your talent bank or auto-applied as a passive candidate against a role.

This falls within the passive candidate process so the contact you import will automatically get your passive candidate email with T&Cs, etc.

Speak to your Account Manager for more information.

Repeat jobs, reduce effort

Free Feature

You know when you need to hire for the same job again? Our new Clone Jobs functionality makes that process super speedy.

You can now clone jobs straight from your Jobs List. One click will instantly create a new job that’s exactly the same, but with a new job reference and to/from dates (and you can edit fields from there if you need). 


Spring Feature Release Email

New automation and filters

Free Feature

Fancy a few little things to make your life easier? We’ve made a few improvements to give you more control, visibility, and nuance into how you recruit:

• Create and filter by custom sub-status filters on your jobs list, to allow more nuance in your recruitment process

• View candidate interviews using new filters for interview stage, confirmed interviews and unconfirmed interviews

These two are already turned on for everyone – grab us if you're having problems. 

• Schedule an automated email for job owners when jobs reach a certain number of applications (great for volume roles) This one needs turning on if you're interested 👇



Fast and easy automated reference checking.

RefNow allows companies to make smarter, more informed recruitment decisions by providing online employment reference reports.

Created out of frustration with the time consuming referencing process, RefNow's mission is to free up people's time from referencing with a user-friendly platform offering user/team management, custom questions, and ID checks.



Data-driven candidate attraction, conversion and analysis.

inploi offers an integrated suite of products modernising candidate-facing talent attraction: Attract, Convert, and Analytics.

Increase your reach; improve conversion rates; optimise your talent attraction.



An AI-Enabled Programmatic Marketplace

Talentify puts your recruitment marketing on autopilot, managing your job advertising channels through their AI-enabled programmatic marketplace.

Automatic, intelligent decision making. Authentic results. Protection built in.


We're moving to the cloud

Tribepad’s infrastructure has been hybrid for many years, combining two primary data centres with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve decided to move fully into AWS, which will make our platform more resilient, available, and scalable.

We’ve got a thorough and structured plan and are working with external partners, to ensure minimal disruption. You don’t need to do anything right now – but later this year we’ll communicate a specific migration path for your business. We expect to be fully cloud-based for new clients by the end of 2022 🎉