2 way messaging

Here you will learn how we can send messages to our candidates straight from the ATS and see messages from them.

What is 2 way messaging?

Have you ever thought it would be great to have a "messenger" service to speak to people which is very instant? Well now on your ATS this is now available for you. This is a great functionality where we can speak directly with different users on the ATS and have it "pop up" to let us know a reply has happened.


First, you will notice the chat symbol at the top right of your page. Select this and this will populate your chats.

To start a chat we would select "start chat" 


We can then search for the candidate we wish to speak to. This will populate the candidates that are listed on the ATS.

Once we have found our candidate we simply select them to populate our new chat on the right-hand side. 


At the bottom, we can choose how our message is going to be sent - via email or SMS.

If a candidate has a phone number attached to their profile we will be able to send an SMS as expected. 

The candidate can also reply back via SMS and we will see their message in the chat. 

Please note - this is only visible to an ATS user, not the candidate themselves. They would not see the chat on their profile.


Why won't my message send?

When typing out your message, there are 2 fields in which we must enter information. The top line is the Subject Header. The bottom line is the content in which we write our message. 

Both fields must have information within this before we can click send. 


How will my message show?

Your message will appear as a speech bubble to which your candidate can reply back to you. 


How do I know when my candidate has replied?

Not only, will you receive a email telling you the message your icon at the top of your screen will show a +1

This is to let you know someone has replied. If you select this you can see your candidates response.


What about SMS?

As long as your candidate has a valid phone number and their opt ins say "Yes I want to be contacted via SMS" we can change the toggle to send the SMS to the candidate

The candidate will also be able to text back just like email.


Want to see old messages? 

If you go to the candidate's profile, we now have an option for "Communications"

Once selected you can view all communications that have been sent to the candidate via the 2 way messaging system. 


We can even continue to message them from here and not the icon at the top of your screen