What is an API and how can I set one up?

The use of APIs in conjunction with Tribepad, might make your life easier. 


What is an API and what are they used for?

An API (or 'Application Programming Interface') allows two software components to communicate with each other using a set of rules and protocols. 

  • For example, you might require Tribepad to communicate with your Payroll or HR system, to export candidate bank details or Right to Work information
  • Tribepad would typically function as the 'server' (i.e. the platform that provides the base information), and your Payroll/HR system would function as the 'client' (i.e. the system that is requesting the information).

APIs are not part of our self-serve functionality and need to be set up by Tribepad. Please speak to your Account Manager for further information.


We offer several different APIs at Tribepad:

  • External Applications
  • Retrieve Applications
  • Simple Job Create
  • External Career Sites
  • Options Values
  • Candidate Custom Fields

Please note - this list of APIs is not an exhaustive list.

Any APIs are considered when creating the link with Tribepad. If there is something you would like to set up that is not detailed in the Portal, please speak to your Account Manager who will be happy to explore this option for you. 


External Applications

This API allows integration between the ATS and external systems and allows the following

  1. Create / find a user and generate an application invitation
  2. Attach a file to an application
  3. Create interviews or fetch available slots
  4. Attach a CV to an application
  5. Change application status
  6. Recruiter account management
  7. Careers management


Retrieve Applications

This API can be used to retrieve detailed information about a candidates application,

  1. Application summary
  2. Personal information
  3. License information (if requested)
  4. Application documents
  5. Career history
  6. Education history
  7. Role information (for the role applied for)
  8. Reference information (if requested as part of application)
  9. Questionnaire responses


Simple Job Create

This API can be used to create a role in Tribepad.


External Career Sites

This API is used to pull back role information to be posted on a non-Tribepad career site.

This API is designed to work in conjunction with the Job Search and the Job Retrieve APIs as well as Options Values.


Options Values

This API is used to retrieve data defined when setting up the Tribepad ATS and includes fields
such as contract types, business units as well as job custom fields.


Candidate Custom Fields

This API allows writing to candidate custom fields.


Documentation for APIs

The setting up of any API with Tribepad requires a specific process. We have documented the above APIs and have saved all information here, in our API Portal.


As is detailed above, this list of APIs is not an exhaustive list. Please let us know if we can help in any other way.