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Agency portal guidelines

Learn how to use the agency portal.


The agency portal allows you to work with the organisation that you are sourcing candidates for. 

It's really important to work with the organisation closely so that you understand their recruitment processes and what they expect of you as their supplier.

The agency portal will not provide you with the same access to the same system as the organisation you are working with. You will be restricted in terms of what you can see and the actions that you can carry out.

The portal is a very efficient way of working collaboratively, ensuring compliance in terms of confidentiality and also avoiding lots of emails sending CVs etc back and forth.


How does it work?

Firstly the organisation that you are working with will set up your access.

Access is provided on a per-user basis - you should not share your login details with other colleagues.

You will be notified of your login details via a welcome email and/or via an alternative agreed method of communication.

The first step is to navigate to the portal whether that is via the welcome email or by the details provided to you by the organisation.

Below is an example of a login page:

  • Select 'Forgot Password'.
    This should be your very first action & you should follow the steps to create your own unique and secure password
  • If you have any questions about your username or it isn't working, please speak to the organisation you are working with
  • Log in with your username and password.


Jobs Dashboard

Once you have logged in, you will be directed to your Jobs Dashboard. As long as the customer has shared a role with you to view, you will be able to this/ these here, and from here you can also upload your candidates.

Please note - depending on the configuration the organisation you are working with has on their ATS, you will see one of 2 options here. 

Both are detailed below to show you how to navigate around them.


The Jobs Dashboard will look either like this:

or like this:


If you have this view of the Dashboard...

... the headers above are as follows:

  • Search field
    This is useful if you are working on a large number of jobs, you can refine the view by searching for a particular job.
  • Job Title
    Shows the job title of the role you are sourcing candidates' for.  You will only see jobs that have been shared with you by the organisation you are working with.  You cannot add a job to the portal yourself.  If you are expecting to see a job that isn't there you will need to contact the organisation directly.
  • Location
    Shows the location of the job.
  • Date Posted
    Shows the date the job was posted to the organisation's careers site.
  • Expiry Date
    Shows the date the job will expire.
  • Applicants
    Shows the number of applicants that have been uploaded by the agency (you).
    You will only ever see candidates sourced by the agency.  


To access the main Dashboard from this view, you will need to click on the number under the 'Applicants' header:

Please note -

  • You will only see jobs that you are helping to source candidates for.  It is the organisation's responsibility to share the relevant job with you so it appears on your Jobs Dashboard. 
  • You will not be able to upload candidates to the relevant job until it has been shared with you.


Job view navigation

Once you have navigated to the Dashboard, you will see a page that looks like this:


If you click into the job, you will see a screen that looks like this:

Items on this page include:
  • Drop-down icon
    Allows you to view the job advert 
  • Profile icon
    Allows you to navigate to candidates that have been rejected and withdrawn from the process
  • Search field
    The search field allows you to search for candidates by entering their name
  • Recruitment Stages
    The stages below allow you to process the candidate and also see how the organisation is processing the candidate.
  • Options
    Select the checkbox to the left of the candidate name and the 'Options' menu becomes available.  The options menu may allow you to carry out specific processing actions against a candidate. 
  • Apply New Candidate
    This option should be used if the candidate already exists in your portal (the candidate may have been previously uploaded and aligned to a different job).
  • Upload New Candidate
    This option should be selected if you are uploading a candidate to the agency portal for the first time. (More on this further down the page.)

There are GDPR settings within the Agency Portal this means that a candidate will be notified via email when you load their details against a job.   

The candidate will have the option to select the relevant settings that suit their contact requirements.

  • Download List
    Allows you to download the list of candidates presented on the current screen.
  • Candidate name/Candidate Profile
    Select the candidate name or the candidate profile to navigate to the candidate's profile.


Viewing Job Details

To see the job details, you can simply click on the job title, on the left-hand side of the page, either on this view:

or this one:

and either way, you will be directed to a page that looks a little like this:

The following information for each job post will be displayed:

  • Job Title
  • Job Category
  • Location
  • Date Posted
  • Expiry Date
  • Applicants

You will find all information you need to inform the candidate on this page. You can also share the URL (highlighted above) with the candidate so that they can view this too.

If the role is Expired you will not be able to upload any candidates to the role. If you feel like this is something you want please do speak with your customer


How do I Upload or Apply a Candidate to a role?

When you are on a job, you can use the icons on the right-hand side of the page:


These icons will allow you to either add an existing candidate to the role, or upload a new candidate to the role:



If you click on 'Upload New Candidate', you will be asked to complete the following details:

Once you select 'Upload, the candidate will be applied onto the role and will be sitting in the 'New Applications' bucket:

At the same time, an automatic email will be sent to the candidate, prompting them to sign into the ATS, create a profile for themselves and then complete and submit an application against the role. 


If you click on 'Apply New Candidate', you can select from any previously uploaded candidates that have completed a full profile on the ATS.

Any previously uploaded candidates will show here for you to select from:

  • Simply select the arrow to the right of the candidate's name to add them into the role
  • Select 'Save' and the candidate will appear under the 'New Applications' bucket in the ATS:

Please note - when either Uploading or Applying candidates, they will remain as an 'Incomplete' application until they have completed all necessary actions. 


From here, there is nothing further for you to do relating to candidates. 


You will be able to see if they have been progressed through the application stages by the recruiters at the organisation you are working with, but no further action is required on your side.


How do I go back to the dashboard?

To go back to your dashboard you must select the jobs tab and then Jobs List.



We hope that these guidelines have helped to support you when using the Agency Portal.   

If you have any further questions, please speak directly with your contact at the organisation you are working with.