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An introduction to questionnaires

Learn about the different types of questionnaires that are available to use and how they can help you to refine your recruitment process.

Tribepad supports both linear and branching questionnaires. 

  • Linear
    Create standard questionnaires, each question follows the previous question that has been asked.  
  • Branching
    Taylor questions for candidates based on an individual’s answers.

Navigate to questionnaires:

There are several types of questionnaire that you can make use of:

Your ability to see, use and create questionnaires will depend on your user type and access rights within the ATS.

  • Campaign planning
    For recording job related information such as budget, reasons for advertising.
  • Pre-screening
    Create questions that will help you to determine which candidates can be progressed further or perhaps provided with a polite rejection.  This type of questionnaire can be aligned to the candidate application journey.
  • Shortlisting
    This could be used for recording more detailed information as to why you are shortlisting a candidate.
  • CV feedback
    This could be used by the hiring manager to provide the recruiter with feedback on each candidate.
  • Interview feedback
    This could be used to record details about the candidate and how they performed in the interview.
  • Offer
    Use this to record details about the offer you are making to a candidate.
  • Referral
    This type of questionnaire should be used to track and record who has referred a candidate.
  • Onboarding
    This questionnaire will only be available if you use our onboarding software as part of your contract with Tribepad.  It has many purposes however an example may be setting up questions to ensure all candidate onboarding requirements have been fulfilled before their start date.
  • Integrations with third parties
    Tribepad also allows the integration with a number of 3rd party organisations that offer personality and behavioral style questionnaires.

Our questionnaires also allow you to automate certain actions based around any scoring criteria that you may have aligned to the questions that make up your questionnaire (e.g. If a candidate scores less than X they will be automatically rejected from the recruitment process).

The first step in creating a questionnaire is to prepare your questions, please take a look at our individual articles on questions types.

For a more detailed look at creating each type of questionnaire, please refer to our separate articles.