Anonymous applications

Learn all about anonymising your candidate's applications.


Anonymous applications are a feature that can be enabled for your organisation.

If you are a brand new customer and you are interested in using this feature, please speak to your Service Delivery Manager.

If you are an existing customer, please speak to the main ATS lead within your organisation.

The anonymous applications feature can be used to help remove conscious and unconscious bias during the shortlist stage of your recruitment process.

Candidate information will remain anonymised right up until the interview stage providing some reassurance that the candidate's have been chosen for an interview using a fair selection process.

How does this feature work?

When this feature is enabled for your organisation, it is accessed during the job creation process  (i.e. when you create a job, you decide at that point if you want the applications that you receive to be anonymised).  This feature can also be incorporated into Job Templates.

If you choose to anonymise the applications, it will have a direct impact on certain users of the ATS and what information they see when screening the applications.

User Types and their ATS access rights are confirmed at the ATS setup stage of your contract with Tribepad. 

When this feature is enabled Tribepad can access each of your user types and change access permissions accordingly.

For example:

  • Super User
    By default, this type of user tends to know the most about the ATS and they have the highest level of access. They can see and carry out actions on all jobs and candidates.  This feature would not impact a super user's access at all.
  • Recruiter/Hiring Manager
    These types of users could be set up so that if this feature is enabled they will not be able to view any personal information about the candidate that may help to identify their gender or age (for example) and this would be the case until the candidate is moved to the interview stage.

 On the 1st page of the job creation process:

  • Scroll down to 'Anonymous applications'.

See image below.

  • Enable anonymous CV sending
    Choose this option if, for example, you will be sending CV’s to a Hiring Manager that doesn’t have access to the ATS – The Hiring Manager will not see any information on the CV that could help them identify the candidate, it will be completely anonymised.


  • When this option is selected, the job you are creating will be automatically set to prevent the candidate from uploading their own CV when they apply for the role.  This is because Tribepad cannot anonymise a CV that has been uploaded.
  • When you process your candidate/s and choose to email a CV to a Hiring Manager (for example) it will be the Tribepad generated CV.
  • The Tribepad generated CV contains information that the candidate has completed during the application process, so please bear this in mind when selecting the candidate application journey as you may want to make certain fields required, such as career history (to ensure the Tribepad generated CV contains data).
  • This option only anonymises the Tribepad generated CV, the candidate profile will not be anonymised.
  • Select the checkbox as shown in the image below.

  • Enable anonymous candidate's through ATS process:
    When this option is selected the candidate’s profile will also be anonymised – so this may be a good idea if, for example, a Hiring Manager does have access to the ATS and you want to prevent them from reviewing the personal details provided in the candidate profile.


  • The same rules apply as mentioned in the important notes above, however, the candidate main and mini-profile will also be anonymised.

How are candidates identified if they are anonymised?

When you log in to the ATS, you will be able to ‘identify’ candidates by a unique code.

In the image below candidates are listed as:

  • 'Candidate' followed by a 2 digit number (Candidate 53).

Below is a screenshot is taken from a candidate's mini-profile:  

The mini profile icon is seen to the far right of each candidate.

All details are anonymised.

The same applies to the candidate's main profile.

  • Select the candidate's unique number.
    You will navigate to the candidate's full profile, all personal information is anonymised.

Next steps

All candidates will remain anonymised right up to and including the 'Shortlisted' stage.  Once a candidate is invited to an interview, all of their personal details become visible.