Third-Party Background Checks

This article will cover some basic details on background checks can be integrated with the ATS.

At Tribepad we are able to integrate with various background screening companies helping you to keep your entire process on one platform. 

For a list of background screening providers we currently work with please click here

Including a background check on your job

When creating a job you will see a section titled 'Candidate Third Party Checks' which can be found in the candidate processing section on the job details page.

From here you can select your check provider and the package (if applicable) you would like to be linked to your job. 

Depending on your integration, you may have the option to set some further configurations here including, if the check should be included as part of the application process and if the candidates should be auto-processed based on their checks result. 

How do background checks work?

Usually, background checks need to be manually requested on your job. To do this you would select your candidate, and select 'Request Background Check' from the options menu on your job. You will then be presented with the email pop-up which contains the email which will be sent to your candidate, advising them of the check. This email will contain the link which the candidate will need to follow in order to start the screening process. 

Once this has been actioned, you will see the background check icon against the candidate on your job. The colour of this icon will change based on the current status of the background check, you can also see the status by hovering over the icon. 

When the check is complete, you will be able to click on the icon to view the final report. 

Please Note Links for background checks are unique, therefore candidates may need to log into their ATS account before they can access the check.