Evergreen job

An Evergreen job never expire, learn all about what they are and how they work.


Evergreen job is a feature that can be enabled for your organisation.

If you don't yet have this feature and would like to discuss using it, please speak to your main ATS lead within your organisation.

If you are a brand new customer at the implementation stage, please speak to your Service Delivery Manager.

Our Evergreen feature allows you to create and publish a job that never expires.

This is great if you are always recruiting for a particular role for example Call Centre Agents or Production Operatives or those roles that potentially have a high turn over.

Once the job is published from a specific date it will always appear as available when a candidate searches for that type of role.

Evergreen jobs are incorporated as part of the job creation process.

At the end of the first page, you will see a section allowing you to add your job open and expiry dates.

In the image below you can see a checkbox next to the text 'Evergreen job (it will not expire)'.

  • Select the check box.

You will notice that the Expiry Date option disappears (see image below).

You can now continue with the job creation process as normal.

It is always worth republishing Evergreen jobs after a certain period of time (even though they are always available) to ensure that they remain at the top of any search option that a candidate may use.