How to navigate Talent Search

Learn how to navigate the Talent Search functionality.


Talent Search is one of the first places that we encourage our customers to look when sourcing new talent.

As soon as a candidate creates a profile with your organisation, their details will appear in Talent Search.

  • Select Talent Search from the top navigation bar.

There are multiple actions that you can carry out here:


Down the left-hand side of the page, there are a number of filters that you can use to help you refine the candidate view on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Tags
    Tags can be used to flag candidates' that hold specific qualifications and experience.  You can use the tag filter to show only those candidates in your search results.

If you select the tag filter you will be presented with a pop-up of the available tags.

    • Select the check-box next to the relevant tag/s
    • Select done once complete & the candidates' listed will reflect your chosen tags.

  • Filter by Question
    If you would like to filter candidates by those that have responded to a specific questionnaire, you can choose this filter.
    • Select the drop-down filters and choose the relevant questionnaire & question.
    • Type in your desired answer to the question if applicable.
    • Select 'Apply Filters' once complete to see the list of candidates'.

  • Job & Application details
    This filter allows you to pick out specific Job Categories.  You can also search using a specific job reference and choose from different application status.  Perhaps you would like to do some research on candidates' that have registered but not yet applied or a job.

  • Salary Range
    Use the salary range filter to refine candidates' looking for a specific salary.

  • Distance From JobUse this filter to select candidates based on the country a candidate may like to work in or whether they are prepared to travel/relocate.

  • Registered
    If you would like to see candidates' that have registered within a certain time frame, select the dates that apply.

  • Experience & Job LevelIf you would like to filter candidates' based on the experience and job level they have added to their profile, select the relevant options here.

  • Status & Availability
    If you would like to filter candidates' based on the status and availability they have added to their profile, select the relevant options here.

  • Industry sector
    If you are looking for candidates with specific industry experience, select the relevant options available from this filter.

  • Type of candidate
    Think about whether the type of candidate is important to you, perhaps you only want to review external candidates'.

  • Candidate Opt-ins
    Use this filter if you only want to make contact with candidates' that have opted-in to hear about future opportunities.

Simple and advanced search

  • Simple
    Enter in a specific job title, qualification or even a candidate name.

  • AdvancedAdd specific search criteria to refine your results.


Just above the candidate listing, there are several buttons that you can select to carry out different actions.

  • Sort by
    Allows you to sort by relevance or last login.
  • Select
    Allows you to select all of the candidates that are shown in your search results or select by page.

The further buttons will only become available if you select the check-box next to a candidate's name.

  • Contact
    If selected will present you with a pop-up allowing you to email the candidate.
  • Invite or apply
    If selected will present you with a pop-up showing a list of jobs that you can apply a candidate to or invite the candidate to apply for.
    • Apply
      If selected, the candidate will be aligned to the job as a new application.  The candidate will be sent a notification and they can choose whether to apply or ask you to remove their details. 
    • Invite
      If selected, the candidate will receive an email asking them if they would like to apply for the job.  If they do their application will appear as normal against the job.

Remember you will not be able to contact the candidate unless the candidate has chosen to opt-in to relevant communication.

  • Email CV/ Questionnaire
    Allows you to email the candidate's CV to a colleague and allows you to attach a questionnaire if applicable.
  • Download CSV
    If selected, this will download the candidates' name, username and basic details such as telephone number of these listed on the current page.

Candidate navigation

Selecting the check-box next to the candidate name allows you to carry out certain actions.

The navigation below is based on the above example of Jackie Amstell, from left to right.

  • Candidate name
    If selected, you will navigate to the candidate profile.
  • The E icon
    This icon shows that the candidate is External (if it was 'I' - they would be Internal).
  • Stars
    If selected, allow the green buttons to become available.
  • Receptionist and Office Administrator
    This shows the candidate's current job.
  • The following icons allow you to carry out various actions.

    • Email the candidate.
    • Invite or apply for the candidate.
    • Tag the candidate.
    • Email CV/Questionnaire
    • Download the Tribepad generated CV.
    • Download the candidate CV.
  • BA Management, University of Lincoln
    This shows the candidate's recent education history.  
  • Sheffield, United Kingdom
    Shows the candidate's current living.
  • Administration & Silver Medalist
    These are tags that have been applied by you or a colleague to highlight key skills & or qualifications.