Introduction to Dashboard

This article provides an introduction to the Dashboard.

As soon as a user logs into the ATS they will be presented with the Dashboard.

The Dashboard allows the user to keep up to date with all applications, Jobs and Candidates.

It is specific to each user and can be configured to only show what's required by the user.

The Dashboard shows an overview of:- 

  • Job statistics. 
  • Interviews scheduled.
  • Contracts sent.
  • Candidate referrals.
  • Onboarding workflows.
  • Groups created and joined.
  • Tasks to be completed.

The Dashboard is made up of several widgets which can be moved around using the cross icon on the top right of each widget.  This allows the user to personalise the position of the widgets in terms of their importance.

The widgets can also be minimised and refreshed using the top right icons. 

At the top of the page, the user has a search bar to be able to filter on candidates or jobs and throughout the whole system.

If a user searches for a job using the search bar they would be presented with the job list page.

If the user selects candidates they would be directed to the talent search page.


The Summary shows the total number of:

  • Interviews scheduled for today.
  • Tasks to be reviewed.
  • Referrals sent in the last 7 days.
  • Active Jobs.
  • Expired jobs. 


The Applications widget represents applications received over the course of a 10 day period.

The user will be able to:

  • View the total number of applications that have been received on a daily basis by hovering over each date on the graph.
  • The calendar icon allows the user to select a date in the past to view previous application numbers.


There are a number of actions that can be carried out via this widget:

  • The filters allow the user to refine the view of the jobs shown.
  • Under each job title, the user can see the job location, job owner along with the job opening and job expiry date.
  • To the right of each job title, the user can hover over each icon to see the total applications, received, the total of new applications received and the total applications in process.
      • The eye icon allows the user to view the job on the job list page.
      •  The pencil icon allows the user to edit the job if a change needs to be made.


          If you use our contracts software to generate employee contracts this widget will appear on the dashboard.

          This widget allows the user to:

          • See all contracts generated.
          • Shows all the contracts sent.
          • See the names of the candidates that contracts have been sent to.
          • View the contract creation date and time. 
          • Click the eye icon to view the contract.
          • Filter on New, Accepted, Rejected Deleted & change requested contracts.


          The referrals widget allows the user to: 

          • View all candidate referrals.
          • View who referred the candidate.
          • View referrals sent by others.
          • View personal referrals.
          • View the job reference the candidate has been referred to.
          • See the status of the candidate.
          • Use filters to, Show all job, shared jobs, My jobs.


          This widget allows the user to:

          • View all interviews that have been created.
          • View interviews that have been scheduled. 
          • See the date, time, job title & candidate contact details. 
          • See who the interview is with and the stage of the interview the candidate has been invited to.
          • Search by job reference number.
          • To amend an interview or create new ones with ease.

          Onboarding workflows 

          If you use our onboarding software to generate this widget will appear on the dashboard and allows the user to:

          • See all pending and completed onboarding workflows.
          • Select the 'View all' button (shown in red with white text) navigating the user to manage the onboarding users section.
          • See internal workflows to be completed.
          • View the onboarding workflow by selecting the pencil icon.
          • Select the Arrow icon to see the candidate from the job view.