Application grace periods

Learn how you can allow candidates to complete their application after the job expiry date.


Application Grace Periods is an additional feature which can be enabled for your organisation.

 If you are a brand new customer and you are interested in using this feature, please speak to your Service Delivery Manager.

If you are an existing customer, please speak to the main ATS lead within your organisation.


This is an additional feature created to allow candidates who have started their application to complete it even after the job has expired.

The application will need to be completed within a specific time frame and that time frame is set by you.

Here is an example of the way a standard expiry date would work:

The Recruiter sets a job to expire on the 13th of December.

  • The role will only be available until the turn of midnight when it becomes the 14th December and unavailable.

Once the role has expired the Recruiter would most likely discount those candidates that have not completed their application.

Here is an example of the way Grace Periods work:

The Recruiter sets a job to expire on the 13th of December as in the previous example however there is now an option to add a Grace Period.

The Recruiter can enter in the date after the expiry date has passed and this would be the date that a candidate will need to have completed their application by.

In the example if a candidate has started their application before the initial expiry date, they must complete it in time for the end of the Grace Period that has been set.

  • Initial Expiry date = 13th December.
  • Grace Period = 20th December.


  • Only those candidates that have started an application prior to the initial expiry date will be able to take advantage of the grace period that has been set (i.e. No new applications are allowed to be started within the grace period).
  • The Grace Period ends at the turn of midnight - in the above example from midnight 21st December.