Job List - job navigation

Learn how to navigate and see what actions can be carried out via the list of jobs presented on the job list page.

To access the Job List select 'Jobs' from the top navigation bar.


The jobs that you see may be restricted.  If your organisation uses hierarchy for example, you may only see jobs that are relevant to the level of the hierarchy that you are assigned to.

Job List navigation

When you land on the Job List page, by default, you will see a list of all jobs with an 'Active' status.

You can use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to refine the view of jobs you see on the right-hand side of the page.

The image below shows 1 job and all the options available to you.


To the left of the job title there is an icon of a padlock.

  • Hover over the icon
    You will be able to see whether the job has been authorised (approved for publishing).

You can see in the image below that the job has been authorised, by Sophie on the 29/12 20 at 20:43pm.

  • Select the job title
    By selecting the job title text, you will navigate straight to the job view.

Below the job title - from left to right

  • Job reference
    Each job has its own unique job reference (which is allocated during the job creation process) and this can be used in various search fields within the ATS.  If you select this from the job list page, you will navigate straight to the job view.
  • Everyone (visibility/eye icon)
    This shows who has visibility of the job advert.
    During the job creation process you will make the selection when you choose the dates the job should open and expire (see image below).

  • Location (pin icon)
    Shows the location of the job.
  • Job Owner (person icon)
    Shows the name of the person that created the job, the job owner.
  • Job open and expiry dates (calendar icon)
    This shows the job availability, the date the job opened for applications to the date it will expire.

There is a feature that allows you to automatically close a job after a period of inactivity.  If you don't use this feature, you will have to manually close a job.

 Over to the right-hand side there are 3 icons.

  • Pencil
    Hover over the pencil and you will see that you can choose to 'edit' the job.  Select the icon and you navigate to the first page of the job creation process.  Please be mindful if a job has already been published and you make an edit, you will need to re-publish it for the change to be visible in the advert available to candidates.
  • Pie Chart
    Hover over the pie chart and you will see 'Insights', this icon allows you to navigate to our reporting software.  Please note you can only access Insights if you have the correct user permissions.
  • Drop-down menu
    Hover over this icon to expand the menu of options..
    •  Job Description
      Select this option to navigate to the Job Description page of the job creation process (page 2).
    • Preview
      Select this option to take a look at a preview of the job advert.
    • Authorise
      Select this page to navigate to the Job Authorisation page of the job creation process (page 3).
    • Interview Slots
      Select this page to navigate to the Interview Slots page of the job creation process (page 4).
    • Stop The Clock
      This is a feature that needs to be enabled. If your organisation uses this feature it means you will be presented with a pop-up allowing you to unpublish a job for a period of time chosen by you.  Very useful if your time to hire statistics are crucial and you are taking a leave of absence (just 1 example).

    • Notes
      Add a note to the job, perhaps to let other colleagues know something important about the job.

    • Close
      Once all recruitment activity is complete, you can select to close the job.

    • Unpublish
      If you no longer want a job to be visible for applications, select 'unpublish'.  You can choose to republish it at a future time.


The image shows the status an application can be moved to.

  • New Applicants
    As soon as a candidate applies for a job, they will appear as a New Applicant, even if their application isn't fully complete.  The number shows the number of applications in that status right now.  
    • Select 'New Applicant' to navigate to the applications page so that you can start to screen candidates and their applications.
  • Submitted
    As soon as a candidate selects 'submit' to finalise their application, they will appear in 'Submitted' status.  Once selected, a filter will automatically be applied to show only those candidates with completed applications in the 'New Application' stage.

Once you start to process your candidates, they will be moved manually (or in some instances auto processed) to In-Review and onward by you and your colleagues.

  • Others
    Hover over this text to show those candidates with a status of Hired, Rejected and Withdrawn.  Select the relevant status to view those candidates.

Some final options on this page:

  • Jobs List (plus icon)
    Selecting the plus icon will allow you to navigate straight to the job creation process.

  • Search Field (magnifying glass icon).
    Enter a job reference or job title in this field for a quick search option.