Job Matching

Find out what Job Matching is and how it might help your candidates

Job Matching allows your candidates to be automatically contacted via email, when new jobs are posted by your organisation that they might be interested in. 

Job Matching is a permission that can be enabled on your platform. If this is something that you are interested in, please speak to your Account Manager. 


When a candidate creates a profile on your platform, they will be presented with a series of opt-in preferences relating to GDPR and how you intend to use the candidate's data:

The top preference (as shown above), relates to Job Matching - " I want to be automatically alerted when vacancies are posted by XXX that I might be interested in".


If a candidate opts in to this particular preference, and the Job Matching permission is enabled on your platform, the candidate will receive automatic emails regarding new jobs that match their skill-set. 


Once the Job Matching permission has been enabled on your platform, you are able to amend the emails that are sent out to the candidate, via the 'Emails Manager' section in Manage, your self-serve, 'behind-the-scenes' tool. 

For more information on the Emails Manager section of Manage and information on how to edit the emails being sent from your platform, click here.


The emails that can be amended are detailed in the 'Job Matching' section:

  • You may notice that you can edit emails that go out to the candidate, but also to the Hiring Manager

The email to the candidate looks a little like this:

The email that goes out to the Hiring Manager looks a little like this:


Please note - these alerts would only go via email to candidates and Hiring Managers, they would not be pushed onto the candidate's Dashboard.