Job notifications

Learn all about job notifications and how this feature can be used for emailing candidate cv's.


Job notifications are a feature that can be enabled for your organisation.

If you are a brand new customer and you are interested in using this feature, please speak to your Service Delivery Manger.

If you are an existing customer, please speak to the ATS lead within your organisation.

Job notifications allow you to send a copy of the candidate's CV as soon as their application has been registered against a job.

This is a great option for a user that only has a small number of roles that they are recruiting for and perhaps doesn't use the ATS on a day to day basis, perhaps a Hiring Manager for example.

On the first page of the job creation process:

  • Scroll down to 'Job Notifications'.

Add in the email address of the person that you would like to send the candidate's cv to, you can add more than 1 email address.

  • Select enter once you have added an email address.

    • If a CV is uploaded as part of the application, this will be the email that is emailed.
    • If a CV is not uploaded as part of the application, the Tribepad generated CV will be emailed instead.

    The Tribepad CV will be populated with content obtained during the application process.

    Once you are happy with the information you have added, you may continue with the job creation process as normal.