Job Management & Adverts - FAQs

This page will provide some answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked in relation to Job Management & Adverts.

Q. I cannot see my advert on our careers site? 

There can be various reasons for a job not appearing on the careers site. Including but not limited to the following

1. The job visibility is set to 'internal only' or 'no-one'. If your job is set to either of these visibility groups the adverts will not appear on an external careers site. 

2. The job may have expired or has been closed. 

3. If you are searching using a location search, there may be an issue with the location/map on your job in the ATS, causing your job to show under a different location. 

4. If your job has just been created it can take up to 4 hours to show on some careers sites. 

Q. My job is not mapping correctly? 

When a job is created we use the location and postcode provided on your job to get an approximate location for the map on your advert. Including building names, such as 'Head Office' will likely cause the map to point to the wrong location. This is because 'Head Office' is not classed as a location. We recommend using street names, towns and cities for accurate mapping. 

Q. I cannot access Vacancy Poster/Broadbean? 

1.Please ensure you have been set up in the Manage Tool to access Vacancy Poster and that your credentials have been added. 

2. Please ensure your username on the manage tool does not have any capital letters. Vacancy Poster doesn't accept this.

3. Is your password set on the Manage tool

Q. Can I delete a job? 

Only closed jobs can be deleted, if you do not see this option on a closed job, you do not have the relevant access permissions to perform this action. Once a vacancy has been deleted from your platform it cannot be restored. The ability to delete jobs cannot be granted on a per user type basis, it is on for all users or none. 

Q. I cannot see the new business units I have added? 

Please double-check on your settings page in the ATS that you have not restricted the view of business units, this can be seen under the Format/Function & Business Unit tab.