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Making Changes to questions and Questionnaires

Learn how to makes changes to questions and questionnaires on the ATS


Once a question has been created on the ATS you are able to amend your question at anytime. The way to do this is by going to the  jobs tab in the menu bar and scrolling down to the questions tab. Once you have clicked into the questions tab you will be presented with the questions page.

On this page you will see that you can create a new question, however to amend a question you will need to scroll down to about half way down the page and look for the questions you are wanting to amend.

You can do this by either using the search functionality located on the questions bank about halfway down or by scrolling down the full page until you find the question you are looking for. 

When you have found your question you want to amend, you will see the type of question it is currently and also the date it was created.

To make a change to the question you will need to hover over the question, this will give you 2 options to the right near the date. The pencil icon is what you will need to use to edit the question. The X is to delete the question.

When you have clicked the edit button you will be presented with the question details, from here you are able to amend the question type, any spelling mistakes or simply change the question. There is also functionality to add new guidelines for users or amend existing guidelines, make the question required or a killer question. You can also make the candidates answer only visible to privileged managers.  

You can add or change the scoring system for that particular question on here as well.

Once you have made the changes and are happy with your new question, you will need to click on the add button in the bottom right corner, this will ensure the newly created question is added to your questions bank. 



In a similar fashion to making changes to a question you can also amend questionnaires. To make any amendments to a questionnaire you will need to go to the jobs tab on the main menu and scroll down to the questionnaires tab. 

When you have clicked into the questionnaires tab you will be presented with your bank of questionnaires, again you can either use the search functionality to look for the questionnaire you are wanting to change or you can scroll down the page and use the page functionality that is available to look through the pages available to you. 

When you have found the questionnaire that you are wanting to amend if you hover over it you have the option to either click on the questionnaire title or use the pencil icon to edit. The bin icon will delete the questionnaire that is selected.

To the left of the questionnaire title is a selector, this enables you to make the full questionnaire visible or hidden. If the circle is to the right then the questionnaire is visible to select or visible on a job. If you move it to the left it will make the questionnaire hidden and no longer available to new candidate applications.  

Once you are in the questionnaire builder you have the option to clone the questionnaire, amend the questionnaire's name, add a new or different questionnaire description, change the questionnaire type, add in or change the organisation. You can edit if you want the questionnaire to be cascaded to a branch and also amend any applicant threshold scoring. 

If the above details don't need any amendments but you just want to add or remove a question, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and to the right you should see a tab called "add question" you will need to click this tab and search for the new question you want to add to the questionnaire.

When you have found the question click on the box to the left and it should add a tick symbol, this means that the question has been selected. To add it to the questionnaire you will need to scroll down the questions page and click on the "insert" button on the bottom right of that page. Once you have clicked the insert button you will automatically be reverted back to the questionnaires page and the question you have just selected should be visible. 

To remove a question from a questionnaire you will need to click on the X on the right of the question you want to remove, doing this will prompt a delete pop up. This will only delete the question off the questionnaire and not from the question bank. When you have selected "yes" the question will be removed. There is also functionality to hide a question if you don't want to delete it from the questionnaire, to hide the question you need to select the upward arrows next to the X on the right. The question will be visible to you in the questionnaire but not to the candidate when completing it. To un-hide the question simply click on the downward arrows and it will become visible again.