Processing applications - recruitment stages

Learn about the different stages of the recruitment process and how to process candidate applications.

There are several stages of the recruitment process that are available within the ATS.

  • New Applicants
    All new applications appear here at the start of the recruitment process.
    An application may appear as Incomplete or In Process.

After this stage, you will need to use the Options menu to process the candidate applications (some processing actions can be automated).

  • In-Review
    This stage is sometimes used to move candidates to if they have completed their application but have yet to be shortlisted or rejected.
  • Shortlisted
    Once you have reviewed a candidate's application and you believe they may be suitable for an interview, you may move your candidate to this stage.  The candidate may remain at this stage until you have received feedback from a hiring manager to determine if the candidate should be interviewed. 
  • Interview
    You can invite a candidate to book their own interview by sending them a selection of dates and times that you have already scheduled or you can send the candidate confirmation of an interview that you have already agreed with them.  Taking these actions will move the candidate to the interview stage.
  • Offered
    Once you have found your successful candidate, you can make a job offer to them.  Taking this action will move the candidate to the offered stage.  If you are using our contract management software, you can generate and send the employee contract at this point too.
  • Accepted
    Once the candidate has accepted the job offer, you can move the candidate to the accepted stage.  If you are using our contract management software and a candidate accepts a contract electronically, their application will automatically move to the accepted stage.
  • Hired
    Generally when all recruitment activity is complete, you would move your candidate to the hired stage and close the job.

Unfortunately not all candidates will be successful so there are 2 further stages of the recruitment process.

  • Rejected
    Any candidate that isn't successful in their application can be moved to this status.
    Sometimes this can happen automatically if you have set a questionnaire up to automatically reject candidates based on their response to a particular question.
  • Withdrawn
    A candidate may decide to withdraw their own application for a number of reasons.  If they do, their application will appear in this stage.