Questions & Questionnaire FAQs

This page will provide some answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked in relation to questions & questionnaires

Q. Why is the add question button greyed out on my questionnaire? 

The add question button will be greyed out when building a branching questionnaire, this is because you can only add a new question by linking it to an existing question ot answer on the questionnaire. 

Q. Why can I not make a question in my branching questionnaire optional? 

By default all questions added to a branching questionnaire are set as required to ensure a candidate can be progressed correctly onto the next question based on the answer provided.

It is possible to make single text field questions optional, this is permission based, if you do not have this option please contact the helpdesk who can enable this for you.

Q. Why is a candidate's completed questionnaire icon shown as Amber? 

The questionnaire icon will remain Amber until a candidate has submitted their application. Only once the application has been completed will the icon update, this is because the candidate is able to access and edit the questionnaire up until the application has been submitted. 

Q. I can’t send a questionnaire to a candidate

1. If the questionnaire is already on the job, you must rename it, in order for it to send
2. The candidate has not submitted their application. As the questionnaire is being sent outside of the application journey, they must submit their application before you can send it

Q. Why can’t I see sensitive answers on the questionnaire? 

You do not have this enabled against your account. Please contact your own internal team who can help action this for you. 

Q.  Why can't I see my candidate's questionnaire answer?

They were progressed before they had submitted their application.