Stop The Clock

Learn all about this feature and how to use it within your recruitment process.


Stop The Clock is a feature that can be enabled for your organisation.

If you are a brand new customer and you are interested in using this feature, please speak to your Service Delivery Manager.

If you are an existing customer, please speak to the ATS lead within your organisation.


Most organisations want to ensure that they are recruiting in a timely and efficient way using the time to hire and time to fill statistics to monitor productivity.

Sometimes things happen in an organisation that may prevent or hinder recruitment progress, for example team members taking annual leave for a week or two.

Stop The Clock is a feature that allows you to freeze recruitment activity on a job for a period of time which means there will not be a negative impact on your time to hire and time to fill statistics.

Accessing stop the clock

There are 2 ways to access this feature:

  • From the job list

  • From the job view

Watch this quick video to learn more: