Suggested candidates

Learn all about suggested candidates.


For a candidate to be suggested for a job, their profile must match the job in the following ways:

  • A salary that matches the range specified by the job (+/-10%).
  • The same country and region as the job (unless the candidate has specified they are willing to relocate).
  • The tags added to the job or information in the job description matches the career history and / or profile of the candidate (a career history match is more likely to lead to a suggested candidate).
  • Industry sector and career level specified by the candidate will also be considered relevant.

Viewing Suggested candidates

Select the job you are recruiting for from the Jobs List and navigate to the job view.

In the image below you can see there are 7 suggested candidates.

Select anywhere in that box to view a list of the suggested candidates.

If you would like to progress any of the suggested candidates, you can use the Options menu to make contact and see if they would like to make an application.