Talent Finder

Source the best candidates from the best places with Talent Finder

What is Talent Finder? 

Our ‘Talent Finder’ module is used to search for candidates within different third-party databases that are integrated with the Tribepad platform. As a recruiter, you may get professional, personal and educational details of candidates from different sources, including several leading job boards, and then import those candidate details into your Tribepad ATS database. 


Once the selected candidate data is imported into the ATS, you can reach out to these candidates directly through the ATS (provided the candidate has agreed to this).

Please note - Talent Finder relies on your organisation having existing relationships with external job boards. 

Talent Finder simply allows multiple job boards to be searched simultaneously and candidates imported into your ATS at the touch of a button. 


Click on the below video to find out more...


Please note - Talent Finder is an additional, payable feature fro your ATS.

If this is something you are interested in, please speak to the main ATS lead in your organisation, or your Tribepad Account Manager. 


Accessing Talent Finder

There are 2 ways to access Talent Finder in your ATS once it has been enabled:

  • Via a job
  • Via Talent Search.


Via a Job

  • From the ATS, open the Jobs List
  • Access the relevant job
  • Click on ‘Talent Finder’ button 


Accessing Talent Finder via Talent Search

  • From the ATS, open ‘Talent Search’ on the top banner
  • Click on ‘Talent Finder’ button


Recruiter/ Hiring Manager (HM) - Configuring Sources

  • Once in Talent Finder, you will see a list of Active and Inactive sources down the left hand side

The sources that are available are determined at a Team level by a Super User, even though some need activating at a user level

  • Google and ‘Internal search’ are always active for all users.


You can choose the Inactive sources you wish to configure and click ‘Enable’:

  • You should enter your credentials on your chosen source

These credentials are not provided by Tribepad - your organisation needs to have a relationship and credentials with the external source 


Once added, select ‘Enable [provider]’:


The source will now show in the Active sources section (above).

You can view the credentials that are present in Active sources.

  • Select the relevant source to view and select the Cog menu on the right hand side:

  • To edit credentials saved on the source, you can select ‘Edit credentials’ and can amend details as appropriate.


Editing / disabling Sources

You may wish on occasion to change sources, as per your contracts with external providers.

To do this, open Talent Finder, either from the Job or Talent Search, select the source you wish to edit or disable, and select the ‘cog menu’ on the right hand side:
  • You will now have the option to edit or disable.

Search Candidate CV through Talent Search

With Talent Finder, you can search for relevant candidate profiles through different job boards and candidate databases, based on the following search criteria:           
  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Country from the dropdown
  • Salary (From and To)
  • Currency from the dropdown


The search can be done through the Talent Search section.

Location, salary and keyword filters will be applied to your search in Talent Finder when the ‘Talent Finder’ button is selected.

Please note - ‘Currency’ and ‘Country’ will not be applied in Talent Finder - these aspects of the search will be omitted

  • Keywords etc can be edited in Talent Finder if required
  • You can edit as required and select ‘Search’.

Please note: Not all providers will allow all of these search terms to be used. Hovering over the source will advise which, if any, search filters are not supported.

Active sources that have filtering limitations will have a funnel icon.


Your search results are shown under ‘Sources’ (left hand side)
  • The number of results will be returned next to the name of the source:

Click on the source and a list of the candidates will display on the right hand side.


Click on a candidate to see more information
  • Certain information on the candidate profile will be redacted until it is brought into the ATS 
  • To be able to see redacted information, use the ‘Import’ button
  • The candidate will be added as a Passive Candidate and are sent an email advising that they have been imported into the system. 

Candidates can only be imported if they have given their consent on the job board.

Please note: Credits on Job Boards are only used once ‘Import’ is selected.


Import Candidate CV in your Talent Bank (not Indeed)

Once ‘Import’ is selected, you are able to see the candidate’s personal information.


To view this in the ATS, simply select ‘View on Tribepad’:


As the candidate is added as a Passive Candidate, their profile will look like this on the ATS:



Search and Import Candidates via a job

As well as sourcing candidates through ‘Talent Search’, you can also import a candidate directly onto a job. 


    To do this, locate the relevant job through the Jobs List:


      Click into the specific job and then click on the ‘Talent Finder’ button:
  •  This will open the same search page as above. 


    The main difference with searching for a candidate via a role, is that the candidate will be auto applied to the role as well as being added into your organisation’s talent bank. 


Interact with imported candidates

    Once a candidate has been imported into the ATS, a Passive Candidate email is sent to them to request they set up a profile with the organisation:


    Once the candidate has opted in to Communication preferences, you are able to interact with the individual as you would normally do. 


Super User configuration

Team management

    The majority of ATS users will not need to think about Team Management, but Super Users might. 
  • Teams are the people within an organisation who will be using Talent Finder.


    Super Users can create multiple teams and have different recruiters and different boards configured for each team. 

 Recruiters are then sure to be searching the optimal boards for the areas they are recruiting in.


    Further Teams can be created if required, so that recruiters and HMs can have more directed access to sources. 


    Tribepad creates a default team when enabling Talent Finder. This Team is where all users will be added by default, unless added to a specific team.  

Once in Talent Finder, select your organisation name in the top right hand corner (shown as ‘Product’ in this example):

    Now select ‘Create New Team’:


Give your Team a name, then click ‘Create’:


Adding Team members

User types who have access to Talent Finder and click the Talent Finder button (either through the job or Talent Search), will have an account automatically created which is added to the default system Team.


Super Users can configure the default Team on Talent Finder with limited access to sources, and then can designate specific Teams for individuals with access to specific sources. 

Once a Team has been created on Talent Finder, individual Team Members can be added in and designated a role 

  • Administrators - can do all activities
  • Members - Sources are activated and specified according to the team they are in. Members can search for candidates and import them into jobs from ‘Talent Search’ on the ATS.


To add a Team Member, simply click ‘Add Team Member’ from the ‘Team Settings’ page: 

  • Enter the email address of the individual being added to the Team
  • Designate which role they will have
  • Click ‘Add’.


    Team members will be sent an email invite to join the team. A list of pending invites can be seen on this page.


    Configuring Sources in the team menu

    Super Users can configure the sources their Team uses.


    Some sources are Team sources (can be used by anyone on the Team) and some are individual (each team member will need their own login).


    ‘Internal’ and ‘Web Search’ sources are enabled by default and do not require a licence.


    The list of sources and if they are team or user are below: 




    Career Structure



    Stack Overflow

    City Jobs

    Imported Candidates

    CW Jobs






    Job Site


    Just Engineers


    Retail Choice


    Total Jobs

    Internal - already active - Candidates imported through Talent Finder * This is not candidates in Talent Search.

    Google search - already active - no licence required