Inviting and Applying Candidates to Roles

Find out how to invite or apply a candidate to a role. Find out also how to transfer a candidate onto an alternative role.

When recruiting, you may wish to utilise the candidates you have within your internal Talent database, i.e. existing or previous candidates who you think would be a good match for a specific role. 


With our Talent Search feature, you can search for candidates and either invite them to apply for a specific role or apply them directly onto a role. 

Please note - candidates can only be invited or applied to specific roles if they have opted in to specific communications preferences. This ensures that you comply with GDPR rules.

To be able to be contacted, they would need to have specifically opted in to the 

"I want recruiters to contact me about other suitable opportunities"

preference on their profile.

A candidate can opt in or out of these preferences at any point. If they wish to amend these preferences, they should go to their profile and select 'Settings' in the top right-hand corner:

They can opt in or out of any and all as they choose. 


If they choose to opt in to the preferences, they will show on the ATS like the example of Jackie Amstell below.

- If they choose to opt out of the preferences, they will show like Shefali Seth below:

You can also select a candidate's profile and see which preferences they have opted in to or out of. This is shown on the left-hand side of their profile page:


Please note - If a candidate has not opted in to the relevant preference, you will not be able to contact them and the options presented below will not be made available to you.

If you search for a candidate within Talent Search and can verify that they have opted into the relevant preferences, you can invite them to apply or apply them to a new job directly.

Select the tickbox next to the candidate's name and the 'Invite or apply' button will appear:


Select this button and you will see a pop-up box:

- If the candidate has already been invited to apply for the role, you will see the role highlighted as above

- Select the relevant role and select 'Invite Candidate' or 'Apply Candidate' at the bottom of the screen


If you select 'Invite' Candidate', the screen will refresh and a notification will show at the top of your screen:

This means that an invite has been sent to the candidate in question, to invite them to apply for the alternative role.


If you have already had a conversation with the candidate and would like to simply apply them to the alternative role, select 'Apply Candidate' and the candidate will be attached to the role in question. You will see the same notification at the top of the screen to confirm the action has been successful. 


You should then navigate to the new role. You will see that the candidate has been applied and is now sitting in the 'New Applicants' bucket:

- You may notice that their application status may show as 'Incomplete' - this indicates that the candidate needs to complete some further actions for this new application

- The candidate will receive notifications on their dashboard if anything is required from them

- If they are showing as 'In Process', they have completed all necessary actions and have completed their new application:


You will also notice that this icon will now be displaying on the candidate's profile. This icon indicates that the candidate has other applications in progress.

- If it is showing as green, this indicates that all other applications have been completed

- If it shows amber, this indicates that the candidate has other applications in progress

- If it shows red, the candidate has been rejected or withdrawn from another role


If you wish to remove the candidate from the other role(s), click the tickbox next to their name so that the Options menu becomes available.

- Select 'Add to shortlist'


You will see a pop-up box appear:

- Select 'Request Interview' and


Your screen will refresh and another pop-up box will appear:

- You should select any previous role(s) you wish to reject the candidate from, and then select 'Reject Selected'

- This will reject the candidate from the previous roles and will mean the one in question is the only role they have in progress.


From there, you can process the candidate as you would do normally.