Withdraw candidates

If your candidate wants to withdraw from the role, this could be because they applied by accident or do not wish to be put forward for this role anymore.

There are 2 ways in which we can withdraw a candidate. One we can do this as a superuser or Hiring Manager if we have the correct level to do so. 

Not only this a candidate can withdraw themselves but only during the application process.


Here's how

This is how to withdraw a candidate as a Hiring Manager or Super user 


First of all, we would only withdraw a candidate if they have asked to do so. This could be that they have applied by accident or no longer wish their details to be on this role.


We must find the candidate and select them within the tick box. Next, if you go to the cog menu and ensure you select "mark as withdrawn" to which a pop-up box will appear.

First, you must select the reason why you are withdrawing the candidate.

We can set up new options for you or remove any that do not apply


The "from" dropdown, will always populate your email address and any recruitment based emails. However, the default will always show as yours. 

We can also choose an email template, that has been created to make it easier for the team. This is so we do not have to type out email content every single time.


When we are ready, we have the option to Mark as withdrawn only, or mark as withdrawn and send an email. If we mark it as withdrawn only, the candidate will not receive any email as confirmation they have been withdrawn from this role. 

A candidate can also withdraw themselves from a role

The only way to do this is if they are going through the application process.


As an example, I have selected a role to apply as a candidate but I do not wish to go forward with this. 

If I scroll to the bottom of the page I will have the option to withdraw.


A pop-up box will appear where the candidate must confirm to withdraw their application. Once this has been pressed the candidate will be directed back to their dashboard and the role will be marked as withdrawn.