Setting up the MS Teams Integration

Find out how to set up the MS Teams integration with your ATS

This is a paid feature within Tribepad.

If this is something that you are interested in, please speak to your main ATS lead within your organisation or your Tribepad Account Manager.


Sending separate Microsoft Teams invites to your candidates for interviews, outside of Tribepad, is now a thing of the past.

You can now link your and your team's Microsoft Teams accounts with Tribepad, and send out links to Teams interviews from within the platform. 

Please note - the functionality of this integration relies upon you and your organisation having a valid Microsoft Teams account and licence.


This article will detail how to link your MS Teams account with your Tribepad account.

There is a degree of setup necessary between Tribepad and your IT team - for more information on this, please speak to your Tribepad Account Manager.

Please also note - The MS Teams integration can work as a stand-alone function, but works best alongside the Google/ Office 365 Calendar integration. For more details on this, please click here.

  • Using both integrations together allows you to link your O365 calendar and search for user availability.
  • Using just the MS Teams integration by itself allows MS Teams invites to be sent from the platform, but does not link to an individual’s calendar to view availability. 

This article details the process that you will experience when both Office 365 and MS Teams integrations are used together. 


Remember - this article only details how to set up the integration within Tribepad. 

For more information on using the integration, please click here.


Setting up the Integration

Microsoft Teams works as an integration with Tribepad, so an account needs to be introduced into the ATS, as per individual user.

To do this, access the ‘Settings’ section of your platform in the top right-hand corner:

Once selected, choose the ‘Integrations’ tab and select ‘Add Account’:


Enter the details of your existing Microsoft Teams account:


You will be asked to verify your account according to verification methods already set up.

Please note - this verification process lies with Microsoft and not Tribepad. Any issues should be directed to Microsoft support. 

Once signed in, you will be asked if you wish to stay signed in to the account through Tribepad:

  • You can choose to not stay signed in and sign in each time you access the ATS, but for ease of use, it is recommended you stay signed in.


Once you have successfully signed in, the screen will refresh and you will be presented with details of your Teams account that has now been linked to Tribepad:


Setting availability for interviews

Teams and Office365 can work on the same account, and so your availability can be pulled through from your Office 365 calendar.


However, if you do not have Office365 and just have a Teams account, you can set your availability in the calendar as per the below instructions. 

If you would like Tribepad to pull through your Office 365 availability, it needs to be linked separately to your ATS account.

To access the calendar settings, select ‘Settings’ (top right hand corner of the ATS)


Then select the ‘Calendar’ tab:


You will have 2 options presented to you:
  • ‘Connect with Google’
  • ‘Connect with Office365’

To connect either calendar, login to your chosen account

  • Fill in your credentials and provide access to your calendar 


There are verification steps that need to be completed when connecting the calendar - these are on the external Google or Microsoft sites:

Please note - this verification process lies with Microsoft or Google and not Tribepad. Any issues should be directed to Microsoft or Google support. 

Once the calendar is connected, any event that gets scheduled with you/ the attendee will populate in the calendar.

After the calendar is connected, you can set your availability:

You can determine your availability for multiple days in the calendar.


You can also determine:

  • The maximum amount of interviews permitted in a day
  • The minimum (time) gap between two interviews

  • On setting your maximum number of interviews in a day from the dropdown, you or any other team member will not be able to schedule more interviews in a day
  • On setting the minimum gap between the interviews, you or any other member of their team will not be able to book consecutive interviews. 

You will be able to set multiple slots for days between Monday and Sunday through the calendar. Click on the plus icon to add another slot for that particular day:


If you or any other user hasn’t set availability for a particular day, then you/they will be treated as unavailable on that day. 

Once the slots are created here, these slots can be used when inviting a candidate for interview or scheduling an interview.