Pre Offer Application Stage

Find out more about an additional Application Stage you can make use of for your candidates

Our new ‘Pre Offer’ bucket (or ‘Application Journey Stage’,) allows you to move candidates to an extra stage in the application journey.


It allows candidates who might have previously been moved backwards and forwards between ‘Offered’ and ‘Accepted’ when issuing Conditional Offers and Contracts, tostay in one place.


The new bucket allows for candidates to be placed in a ‘holding’ stage and allows Onboarding workflows to be triggered. 

Please note - Functionality of the bucket remains the same as the other buckets in an application process. Functionality of user types is not affected by this new addition.


Check out this video to find out more, or read on for a step-by-step guide:


Viewing the Pre Offer bucket

The ‘Pre Offer’ bucket, allows for an extra stage to be added into the Application Journey. 


Once enabled, it will display between the Interview and Offered buckets:


You can move candidates to this bucket from any point in the Application process, providing the user has the correct permissions enabled.


The example below shows a SuperUser being able to move the candidate from the New Applications bucket, right through to the Pre Offer bucket in one step, using the Options menu:

Please note - If you are using our new ‘Drag and Drop’ feature, the same action can be performed that way.

Please click here for details on this feature. 

If a user (for example, a Restricted Hiring Manager), does not have the ability to move candidates through the application process, this functionality has not changed - they will still need to rely on Recruiters or Super Users to perform those actions for them. 

Triggering Onboarding from the Pre Offer bucket

The Pre Offer bucket has been designed to enable Onboarding Workflow Items to be triggered from this new stage.


To allow for this, Onboarding workflows can be created or edited, to include the new stage in the process.


Select the relevant Onboarding package or create a new one:


Select the relevant Workflow or create a new one:


Select the ‘Pre Offer Stage’ under the Application Stage drop-down menu:


Make sure you select ‘Save Details’ on the Workflow:


You will then see your new Pre Offer Application stage populated with the relevant Onboarding action:


Now that an Onboarding workflow has been moved to the Pre Offer stage, this can be triggered in the usual way when a candidate is moved to the relevant bucket:

  • In this example, the Date Gap workflow is set to trigger automatically for the candidate when they are moved to the Pre Offer bucket.


Once the candidate has moved to the Pre Offer bucket, the Onboarding icon will be visible as usual:


Important things to note:

  • The Pre Offer bucket does not link to the ‘Extended Offer process’ - i.e. the candidate will still be moved to the ‘Offered’ bucket and then the ‘Accepted’ bucket once the candidate has accepted the contract / conditional offer. 

  • This bucket has been designed as a ‘holding’ bucket - the candidate will not be notified once they have been moved to this stage, unless Onboarding actions are required from them.

  • No automated emails are being set up to contact the candidate when they are moved to this stage. There will be no additional emails to edit within the Emails Manager function in Manage.

  • Integrations that are to be auto-triggered will need to be set up in Onboarding as the application flow trigger will not work in this bucket.

For more information on triggering Integrations via Onboarding, click here.

  • If you wish to contact the candidate while they are in this stage, you will need to set up an Ad Hoc Email template for this purpose: