Send interview confirmation

Learn how to schedule & send interview confirmation.

    • Select the candidate/s that you would like to send interview confirmation to.
      The candidate processing menu (the cog menu) will become available. 
    • Select 'Confirmation of Interview'.

A pop up will appear.

Across the top you will see the different types of interviews that are available for you to select from.

Each of the interviews make up what is know as an 'Interview Workflow'.


Interview Workflows

An interview workflow can contain up to 5 different types of interview (see example above) depending upon your internal interview process.

You can create a set of different interview workflows ready to assign to specific jobs.

To understand more select;

    • Select the toggle against the relevant interview type.

In the below example 'Telephone interview' has been selected and you can see in the below example that an interview slot has been scheduled in advance and is still available to select.

If there aren't any interviews to select from or you would like to create some more;

    • Select 'Create more interview slots'.

If you have selected more than 1 candidate to send interview confirmation to and you have already scheduled a number of interview slots you will be able to assign the candidate to the relevant interview slot;

The drop down list provides you with the names of the candidates you selected, you can assign each candidate to the relevant date and time.

If a date and time isn't shown and you would like to schedule more interview slots;

    • Select 'Add new interview slot'.

You will be presented with a pop up;

If you have chosen an interview workflow that requires an address (i.e face to face rather than a telephone interview).  You can select the relevant toggle to;

    • Automatically populate the interview address or;
    • Add it manually.

      • Interviewer: 
        Add the name and job title of the interviewer
      • Attendees:
        These are the names of any users that have been assigned to the job during the job creation process.  Select the toggle next to the relevant attendees if applicable and search for other colleagues in the search bar or type in an external email address.
      • Number of Candidates: 
        This should always be 1 when confirming an interview.
      • Interview
        Select the date of the interview, then add the start and finish time.
      • SMS
        If your contract with Tribepad includes the use of SMS, you can select the SMS check box.



    SMS can be used to send confirmation of an interview and also to ask a candidate to login to their profile and book an interview from the dates and times provided by you.

    To understand more about SMS select:

    If you would like to book an interview without sending an email confirming the interview details;

    • Select 'Just book'.

    If you would like to book an interview and send a confirmation email to all attendees';

    • Select 'Confirm booking by email'.

    You will be presented with a pop up, below is an example of the type of email that will be sent to the candidate.

    • From
      You may have access to this drop down menu, if you do you will be able to choose who the candidate will see as the sender of the email.
    Choose Email Template
    You may have access to select an template from the drop down menu, this will change the email content shown below.
    • Email Subject
      The content will already be populated, you can delete it to add your own if you would like to.
    • Email content
      This content will already be populated, if you would like to edit it, simply select the box to make your changes.   You can also use the icons across the top of the content box to format the text.
    • Attachments
      If you would like to attach a document to send to the candidate, perhaps some interview preparation for example.   Select the 'Upload files' button and choose the file you would like to attach from your computer.
    • SMS
      You may have the option to send an SMS, if you would like to send an SMS reminder, select the toggle to show as green.

    Once you are happy with all of the content select;

      • Book interview only - This will not generate an email or SMS, but will book the candidate(s) into the selected interview slot,
      • Book interview and send email - Interview will be booked and a confirmation email will be sent, if selected, an SMS will be scheduled to send 24 hours before the interview is due. If the Interview is within 24 hours the SMS will be sent immediately. 

    Scheduled SMS reminders can be seen in the candidates profile under the Tools section. 

    What happens next?

    At this point the candidate will receive an email confirming the interview.


    The candidate will also move into 'Interview' status;

    From here you can hover over the text 'Telephone Interview' shown in green and you will be able to see detail of the interview.

    The interview can also be found within the 'Interview' widget located on your Dashboard.

      • Select Dashboard from the top navigation bar.
      • Navigate to the Interview widget.

    You can also view interview bookings from the 'Interview Slots' page within the 'Job Editor'.

      • Select the number against the text 'Booked'.
        Highlighted in green below.

    You will be presented with a screen similar to the example below, from here you can;

    • Use the filters to search for specific roles.
    • Print and or download the page.
    • View the interview date and time.
    • View the candidate name and the job title of the role they are being interviewed for.
    • View the type of interview they are scheduled to attend.