An overview of your job advert

Before a candidate applies for a job they will most likely review the job advert. Here we will cover what information is displayed in your advert. 

Job Advert Summary

When a candidate clicks into a job advert on the ATS the first thing they will see is an overview of the position. There is a map at the top of the page pin-pointing approximately where the job is based, followed by some basic details on the job, including the contract type, showing if the job is full-time, part-time or temporary. The closing date & salary.


The salary field will display the salary that is set against the job unless the salary text field has content in it, in this case, the salary text field will be displayed 


On the right-hand side of the advert. you will have a selection of actions that can be made from the job advert. 

  • Apply for this job button - Clicking this will button will start the application process on this job.
  • Enlarge Map - This will open a larger pop-up to view the map on a larger scale.
  • Manage my job adverts - Clicking this will redirect you to your job alerts page.  
  • Print - If you wanted to print the advert you can do this by clicking the print button
  • Refer a friend - Sometimes, once a candidate has viewed an advert, they may not feel it is suitable for them, but they know someone who would be better suited, they can use the refer a friend action to do this.

Job Details

Below the summary, you will see a detailed description of the job which the advert is for. This is broken down into different sections.

These sections usually include a package description, a job introduction, main responsibilities, the ideal candidate and a section about the company.

Section headers may differ from the above, this will be determined on your company setup

Each section will display what has been added to the job description page during the job creation process.

Videos, images and documents can be added to a job advert. 

For more information on adding the description please visit the following article

Job Creation - adding the job description.