Job Creation - adding the job description.

This article will help you to create an engaging job advert.

You may not need to complete every single element on the job description page for example, if you do not want to add a job introduction that applies specifically to internal employees’ - you can leave the associated content-box empty.

Uploading files

If your organisation uses multiple logos perhaps for different areas of the business, this button will allow you to upload a file containing a specific logo if you would like to.

  • Select the arrow pointing up & select the relevant file from your computer.

Package details

The package description will be visible on the job advert so it’s important to add some engaging content about what the candidate will receive if they are hired.  

  • Select the content box and start to type or;
  • If you have a Word/Google document already, you can copy your content and select the 'Paste from Word' icon, shown above the content box.
  • Then select to paste in your copied content and select 'OK'.

Below is an example of what the advert may look like once you have added your Package content.

Internal job introduction


If you would like to display a job introduction that is specifically for your internal employees’ (for example; so it's a different communication style to external candidates), add text to this content box.

You can add text in exactly the same way as you have for the Package details.

External job introduction

Think about how you can add engaging job introductory content so that candidates want to apply and work for your organisation.

An example might be to add a video instead of or as well as written content.

This is the video as shown on the job advert.

    • Select the video play icon above the content box.       
    • You will see the below pop up, add the URL to the required video.
    • Select OK.

Please note - Videos will need to be hosted before adding them to an advert.

You will need to host them on either YouTube or Vimeo to be able to add them into a Job Description:

Main responsibilities

Let the candidate know what their main responsibilities will be so they are 100% clear before they apply for the role.

The ideal candidate

Let the candidate know what you are looking for, think about your organisation's culture, talk about who you are and how you see a potential employee fitting into that dynamic.  Perhaps specific qualifications or experience are a must-have.

Internal job notes

Adding internal job notes can help you and or your colleagues understand a bit more about the role, these notes are not required and they will not be visible on the advert.

Tag cloud

Help candidates to find your advert by adding tags, when a candidate uses any of those words whilst searching for a role, your advert will be much more likely to appear.

  • Ensure the tags are separated with a semicolon (not a space).


Interested to see what the advert will look like? select a preview;

  • As an internal employee.
  • As an external candidate.

To continue on to the next stage of the job creation process please go to;