Auto-Processing Candidates

Find out how to automatically process candidates, depending on responses given at the Application stage.

Processing candidates can be a lengthy, and, let's face it, laborious process. Let Tribepad take some of the pain out of that process for you! 


You will hopefully know that you can add questionnaires into your application processes, to gather any relevant information about your candidates. 

For more information on how to add a questionnaire to a job and the application stage, click here.


Before you get to this stage, when creating a questionnaire, you can choose to 'auto-process' or 'auto-reject' a candidate, based on the responses that they give to certain questions.


This relies on scoring being applied to certain question types.

When creating a question, you can apply a score to an answer given by a candidate:

Please note - it is only possible to add scores to answers of certain question types:

  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down List


For more information on creating questions and adding scores to them, click here.


When creating your questionnaire, in order to add it to an application, you must make sure it is a Pre-screening questionnaire type. 


When adding questions to a questionnaire, you can then determine a 'threshold' relating to the scores given to the questions:

  • In the 'Applicant score threshold' box, you can enter a number
  • This should be indicative of the scores given to your questions in your questionnaire
  • For example, if you have 3 questions and your 3 top answers each hold a score of 10, you might set your threshold at 20, so that any candidate who scores over 20, can be processed automatically into the relevant stage.


You can then choose which stage you would like to move a candidate to, either the 'Shortlisted' or 'In Review' stage:

Please note - these stages may be named something slightly different in your platform, for example 'Longlisting' and 'Shortlisting'. 

'In-Review' and 'Shortlisted' are the default terms we use for those initial stages of the application journey. 


To take auto-processing a step further, to reduce the number of candidates that you need to review, you might want to 'auto-reject' those candidates who do not score appropriately on the questionnaire.

  • In other words, if they do not reach the relevant threshold, they can be automatically rejected from the application process:
  • You can also choose, if you have included any 'Killer questions' in your questionnaire, to auto-reject those aswell. 

For more information on Killer questions and how to create them, click here.


The above method applies to a 'Standard' questionnaire, i.e. one that follows a linear format and all questions are presented to the candidate on the screen at the same time.

  • If you wish to create a 'Branching' questionnaire (i.e. a questionnaire that can present different questions to the candidate, depending on their responses), some other options can be applied.


When setting thresholds and deciding on auto-processing rules, in a Branching questionnaire you will also see these options:

  • As well as deciding on automatically rejecting candidates, you can also choose if they should complete the questionnaire and then be rejected, or if they shold be automcatically rejected on the failure of the specific killer question. 


Once you have completed your questionnaire, you can add it into your application process via the 'Application Flow' in a Job Template or when creating a job:


Select the 'Questionnaires' option within the Application flow:


Select the relevant questionnaire to add to the application:


Your questionnaire will be added into the application process:

Remember, you can adjust the position of the questionnaire in the application, using the icon. 


Once the candidate completes the relevant questionnaire as part of the application process, they will then be automatically processed into the relevant stage of the application journey:

  • Details of the questionnaire(s) that have been completed by the candidate will show on their profile as a '?' symbol (highlighted above)
  • Hovering over this ? will show which questionnaire(s) have been completed, and you can then click into the specific questionnaire(s) to see the responses the candidate has given.